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Sweetest infantcare teachers ever

X completed 6 full months with the school on his 1st birthday.

His already-very-sweet infantcare teachers made him a birthday card and bought him a gift. We were really touched by their sweet gesture. They were so nice to the children, took very good care of them and always took the initiative to whatsapp us what X was up to – be it reading, music lesson, picnic, art class and more.

It was not an obligation but they did it anyway.

They were such lovely and passionate teachers that they really set the gold standard in our hearts.

Z and X were very lucky to have attended Ifc in this school.


An official One


First month – we marveled at how much he took after Z

Second month – we were thankful that he was sleeping through

Third month – I was delighted that he enjoyed going out daily

Fourth month – we were lucky that he was a good traveller

Fifth month – I had to battle to teach him how to eat

Sixth month – he adapted to school easily

Seventh month – he was starting to look like me!

Eight month – he was sitting up very well and becoming really cheeky

Ninth month – he became a good playmate to his brother

Tenth month – he fell prey to gastric flu, hfmd and roseola. It was not a pretty sight.

Eleventh month – he showed a preference for our food versus his baby food

Twelfth month – he finally crawls a little more but know that he wants to stand more, knows where the best loot is, knows that he should be eating everything on the table and of course knows that we love him deeply.


Happy first birthday, our dear lil X!

X’s first year old bash

I had to call it a bash because it was about 100 adults strong with more than 30 kids.

The party venue was at Grand Copthorne Waterfront Hotel’s Galleria Ballroom. We had picked that after my niece celebrated her birthday 2 months’ ago and we liked the food, especially the cake pops for me.

We ordered our cake from Celebrate with cake.


Photography was by playground pictures.

Both were recommendations from a friend.

Balloons were ordered and delivered by Heartlink trading.

Having experience of a first year old bash during Z’s time meant we were more chilled, less anal about minor details and also better prepped. We brought down toys which kept the kids happy and maintained the sanity of most adults. I even kept chips inside the kiddos’ kitchens for them to play and munch.

Z was a great host and played non-stop.

Actually, this party was a lot easier to manage than Z’s party last month. I reckoned the reduced kids’ screams played a key role in maintaining my mental stamina.

X behaved very well too. He enjoyed the attention and looked into the camera most of the time. The 2 days’ photoshoot last month helped heaps!

I could not believe a year had gone past – just like that. It did not seem very long ago when my mother came over to stay overnight, accompanied us to TMC in the early morning and babysat Z whilst Mr H was in the operating theatre with me.

A year ago


Where we stayed and Z had bunked over like it was a staycation


Our little X


What an amazing year it had been.

X’s big day

Though his actual day was 4 days’ away, a weekend do was much easier to administer.

Well, a final party and the next time – perhaps at their engagement parties.

Be back with updates after the party wrapped up.

I would also be keeping fingers crossed that we would be receiving minimal or ideally no toys.  From Z’s time, I gathered that they were too young to appreciate toys and they would still expect the parent to buy more toys.  In any case, if we received too many toys or duplicated toys (in terms of features), I might actually post it up here to sell or donate to an organisation where the toys would be much more appreciated.

I came across an article about creating sense of entitlement for the kids.  Well, do tell me about it… It had been hard for me to turn down the waves of instant gratification where the children were so blessed and lucky.  Perhaps, in 2014, the best thing I should so would be to stop holding birthday parties for Z & X.  When the end of year hit, I hoped I would be able to keep to the same stand.

Preps in gist

I had certainly done minimal party preparations this time round. The objective was to chill and relax, and to enjoy the company of family and friends who loved Little X.

Besides, the hectic schedule meant I would rather spend all my free time with the family. I had been collapsing on the bed and sleeping like a dead log the past few weeks. As long as the party looked put together, I guessed that would be fine.

It was only last night that I managed to pack the goodie bags for kids.


A week to X’s first year

It was kind of unbelievable that in a week’s time, X would be officially one year old.  That would also be the time we could stop sterilising his milk bottles and utensils.  I would call that liberation!  While some parents continued to sterilise beyond one year, we had our own cut off time frame.

Besides, this boy of ours had already been snitching pasta, ice cream, Coffee Bean’s ice chocolate and more from us.  His health seemed to be back on the mend, thanks to the Chinese herbs which we had attempted to consume on a more regular basis.

In a few days’ time, we would be celebrating his first year old bash.  I would call it a bash because it would be a huge party.  It would definitely be our last mega party in a long while.  I prepared a simple guest book template.  Unlike the previous round where it was printed professionally, we would probably be binding the loose sheets or putting them into a file.

We also managed to complete the video montages for the party.  It was not so much for showing the videos to the guests but more for X to watch when he was of age.  Z really enjoyed the video montage and photobooks that I had created through the years.  It would be really unfair not to do the same for X.  Besides, if I did not do it for the party, I would probably not do it in the end.  Thankfully, I had been diligently deleting poorly taken shots and unfortunately, been less hardworking with capturing High Definition videos.  The iPhone videos paled in comparison when stitched alongside with the HD videos.  Well, something was better than nothing!

We had also purchased the party favours and were only left with packing/sorting.

I did not have any theme for the birthday party, simply because I was never really into handicrafts, too busy to source for materials (besides the hotel would be providing floral arrangements) and had maxed out my creative juices for themes at work.

While I had to admit it was hard to muster the same level of enthusiasm during Z’s time (boy… I even had a powerpoint briefing slide!), I would like to think that I was more experienced this round and knew what counted or not.  I was still pretty excited because X was going to be one.  He was going to be less babyish, he was going to be getting into a lot more trouble, he was going to be cheekier and yes, life would be a little more complicated.

Even so, Baby X, I looked forward to every growing moment with you.

Preps for X’s party

X’s party is next year.
X’s party is next month.

This thought had led me to complacency. I kept thinking that I had a lot of time on my hands when it was less than 2 weeks away!

Thank goodness for the helpful muse, I knew what to get for the goodie bags, the minimal extent of decor required, some DIY entertainment and lastly, the theme for a video montage.

I guess I would get an off-the-rack guestbook.

Baby X, my apologies for not making a personalized guestbook because I would rather spend my free time playing with you.

Baby X, my apologies for not printing invitation cards because Facebook event function had been more than effective, apps could create nice invites and whatsapp reminders were better than a hardcopy reminder.