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Further enhancement to Z’s room

We had headed down to Flexa to place order for the extension parts to convert his bed to a loft bed.

His basic bed (called the Nelly) was going to be converted to a loft bed with straight ladders (called the Claire).  The Nelly had not been too pricey and we had liked that it was a regular single sized bed with a bed guard for its perimeter.  It was lower than an average bed so that Z could climb up and down with ease when he was 3 years’ old.

We had moved him to this Flexa Nelly bed when X came along and took over the cot.  Now that Z was approaching 5 years’ old, we increased the height of the bed to create a mid-height loft.  We had added curtains for the base of the loft.  Z chose the ‘Knights’ theme.  We foresaw a lot of playing and acting for both kids at the loft.

We added a bookshelf ledge and slip-on back cushions for his bed to create a conducive reading environment.

In 2-3 years’ time, we might even increase the height of his loft bed when he was old enough to require proper writing table.

We could not wait for the extensions and parts to come.

The permutations of a Flexa bed were so flexible and fun that I found it a really good investment.

Same bed, new room

A homebound weekend due to hfmd meant that we had time to tidy up the house and rearrange the rooms for the kids, especially X.

Every time the child got a little too challenging and beyond our control, my strategy was to up the game and throw him into a new dimension. X and his upcoming terrible 2s’ tantrums were bad. A week into his tantrums made me decide that it was time to transform his room.

A pity that I failed to take the before picture. He was using the cot and his room was very functional. He only used it for sleeping, bathing and diapering. We occasionally played in his room but those were mainly baby toys, aka boring stuffs.

Mr H converted the cot bed to a toddler bed. This $369 cot bed was in its 5th year running. It had served Z for 1.5 years as a cot bed, 1.5 years as a toddler bed, converted back to cot bed to serve X for 1.5 and a refreshed start now to a toddler bed for X.

We dressed up the room, rearranged the storage of toys (akin to shifting of ‘powers’ from Z to X) and allowed X the freedom to get off his bed at any time.

X was majorly pleased with the change.

So were we.

We also took the chance to rearrange Z’s room to improve accessibility to books and planned to modify his Flexa bed system to make it a fun place to hangout.

X’s revamped room

Z’s revamped room – to be further enhanced

I dug out an old photo of Z’s toddler room and compared to X’s toddler room. Very consistent looking, I had to say for myself!

Meanwhile, a decluttered (of toys) home was a delight to my OCD senses. I loved the neatness so much that it felt like a new house to me.

Love for my kids had forced me to close a blind eye to the mess. Now that Z was a lot older, I hoped that by showing him a tidy side of things would guide him to maintain the neatness and orderliness.

Wish us luck!