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Sentimental over a fridge


After a good 8++ years, we had outgrown the fridge and had no choice but to upgrade to a larger fridge. Mr H called this our matrimonal fridge.

On the day before the new fridge came, Mr H removed all the fridge magnets which set both Z and I in a sentimental mood. I actually gave the fridge a hug because I was so sad to see it go! Even Z gave the fridge a hug too.

We took photos with this dear fridge of ours. 

It would have cost us nothing to dispose of the fridge. However, it was still working fine so we chose to give it away and pay for the transportation charge. Mr H wondered at my decision to donate and pay versus to dispose.

I explained that I would like our fridge to enjoy its functioning days with a family than to be sitting at a disposal centre. You know I definitely watched too much of Toy Story but it gave me comfort to know that it would be used and hopefully loved by another family. 

Goodbye, fridge!