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Haze and swimming

The haze was very disruptive to our usual schedule. The swimming school would cancel classes if PSI hit beyond 150. Weather was erratic. The PSI could be low in the morning but spiked later on. Even the kids’ health was like a yoyo. 

Hence, we decided to skip this swimming term. Mr H would take over the coaching. It was more controllable with regards to the weather as we could hit the pool if the skies were clear.

Besides, Z did not clear his butterfly stroke test so Mr H revised with him.  
Fooling around during his break   

On the flip side, there was always a positive streak. X got to join Z in the pool. He was happy to use the armfloat and enjoyed the freedom of kicking around.

The cheeky boy who tried to mimick Z’s butterfly strokes 


Haze and Mid Autumn Festival

I had grand plans.

Lantern walks, tea appreciation, parks. They were marred by the haze.

The eve of Hari Raya Haji – we had to put on the masks to filter out the smoky air.   
The boys were dying to scoot, having cooped up at home due to the haze. 

Mid-scoot shopping 

X had been down with stomach flu and was on the mend when a viral infection hit Z hours later in the mall.
 On the public holiday, the haze which hovered around 200-300 PSI and 2 sick boys kept us confined at home. It was a tough day.

 We got Z to sort his 1600 pieces of Lego.  
The haze crossed the 300 marks and all primary and secondary schools were closed. It was a really bleary day. 

Hopes did not hold up for any form of lantern walks.

We were thankful that the skies cleared up on Saturday. The kids got to celebrate mid autumn festival with the neighbours during our monthly potluck dinner.

The kids were told to spread out if they wanted to play sparklers.  

The flip side of hazy days

The boys could not spend time outdoors, so they spent a fair bit of time on their toys and work.

Z completed a significant portion of the assessment books. I was quite happy that this boy could sit through hours of “torture”. In my books, it would be considered as mental torture.

However, he actually took pride in what he was doing and could spend hours on it. Maybe our years of nagging about focusing and concentration worked on him.

On the contrary, X seemed likely to have short concentration spans, evident from his infant days where I could not even trust him to latch and complete his milk drinking sessions properly. 

The only thing that X had stamina for – running and scooting. This boy was amazing when it came to play. He had boundless energies. He would soon be our headache X if we did not train him to concentrate. More parenting work ahead!

When the haze hit

We spent so much time outdoors with the boys that the haze set us back quite a bit. We were at a loss on what to do.

So it was movies, home movies and more TV programs.

It was books, enrichment books and more practice work.

It was toys, Lego, cars and opening more new gadgets.

Cabin fever was getting to us. 

The haze was such a dampener and so many activities had to be cancelled, like swimming, tennis and more.

The boys had been putting up a good fight but after 2 weeks’ of air pollution, X was showing symptoms of running nose. No amount of Manuka honey and Chinese herbs could ride us through if this persisted.

On one hand, it was sucky to have such poor quality of air and to worry about long term effects to our bodies. I recalled how a visiting counterpart asked if we ever saw blue sky in this part of the world. On the other hand, it heightened the awareness of caring for our environment. It also made us wonder how people who constantly had to live in such environments survive.