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Some loot from 3M

In exchange for some help rendered to my friend’s project, we received quite a fair bit of 3M products. I had passed the previous loot to my mom.

When I came home with 3 bagful of 3M products, Mr H was not impressed. He told me that he would now need to seek new storage areas for these items.


I thought it was a little unappreciative and dismissive till I went through the items one by one and he became more receptive.

One of Mr H’s favorite plasters and we were due for replenishments too


I never knew that they had eye masks and it seemed to work the same as the Face shop’s raspberry eye gel patches. I was the sort ‘got mask will use’ type.


I was almost going to buy this a few days ago! Very timely!


Another one of those nice to have but necessary office stationery


Mr H was particularly happy with this because we were due for a change. I didn’t even know they had scissors.


Plastic hooks for the children’s charts


I did not know they have this!


We didn’t exactly need this but I guessed it could be setup in Z’s toilet


The staples of 3M which I grew up with



Looked like some absorbent table cloth


Lastly, kids’ pillows?! I never knew but I thought the challenging part was to look for the pillowcase sheets.


At the risk of sounding very auntie, I was impressed and really liked all the items because they were so useful.