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More iherb shopping

Supplements for Mr H

The reviews sounded not bad and it was cheaper than GNC multi vits. I always liked Nordic’s Natural and seeing what a bargain it was, I picked it up too.

Calendula cream and Dha for X

X had sensitive skin. Although I bought baby California calendula cream from blogshops, it was still rather pricey. Hence, I ordered this to try. The smell and texture were quite similar. The dha was also cheaper than what I would have to pay at Vitakids.

Sweets and probiotics for Z

Recalling that Z had a diarrhea episode last month, the probiotic recommendation by my friend came in handy. The gummy sweets tasted very good too!

Face serum and organic shampoo for me

Well, simply because I wanted to shop. The nature gate baby shower gel was not bad, so I decided to pick up a shampoo for myself to try too.

iHerb order arrived again (repost)

Unboxing the parcel


I had to reorder the batch of packet baby food because X had wiped out the initial stocks. These were planned for days out where it would be inconvenient to bring home cooked purée or when we were lazy to cook porridge. It was less than S$2 per packet – very good value!


Owing to the hfmd episode, I was delighted to find these, especially the baby high chair cleaner – to spray and wipe! Disinfecting had become serious business.


I took the chance to order this brand after my colleague’s recommendation. X had sensitive skin and California baby was way too expensive in the long run. This smelt pretty good!


I also ordered something for Z so that he would not feel left out.


I picked this up as well because the packaging was so cute and reviews from other iHerb users were good too.


There was free direct shipping till end Oct so I might order more stuff. Any other recommendations on what would be good to get?

Baby cereals

I couldn’t remember how it started but a preference for organic baby cereals developed, probably due to influence from friends.

When Z was below 1 year old, he was only at 25th percentile and we were advised by the PD to give him more whole grains food.  As a working mom, it was possible (but probably a nightmare) to cook brown rice porridge or prepare rolled oats for him.  I would buy baby cereals from blogshops, which bring in the organic cereals, or Vitakids.  Nowadays, these cereals were more readily available in supermarkets.

My favorite brands were Organix & Healthy Times.

Recently, another friend recommended that I could order baby food & snacks from http://www.iherb.com.  I had heard a lot about iherb from many friends but it was so massive that I really did not bother to browse.  Becoming a mom rendered window shopping (even if it was online window shopping) a waste of time.  My very sweet friend also passed me some samples of -ready-to-go baby food.

As a food planner for my children, I cooked for them most of the time.  How about the times when it was not convenient to bring out home-cooked food i.e. out for the entire day? I would need some baby food.  Both Z & X had rather discerning taste buds, not unlike me.  X enjoyed the few sample packets, so that prompted me to order more from iherb.

He was coming to 9 months, so I ordered a dozen of hearty meals from Stage 3.  Here was one of the flavours that I had gotten ~

It was about S$2 per packet before the flat direct shipping fee of $4 by Vpost.  Top that off with a first timer saver’s discount on US$40 worth of orders, it was about 25% off.  That meant I was only paying S$1.50 per packet.  I had seen some blogshops and retail stores selling these for S$3.50~S$4.00 per packet.  I must add direct shipping saved a lot of hassle and at $4 (whether in USD or SGD), it was a steal!

Hence, if you weren’t pressed for time and could wait 1-2 weeks for your order to be delivered, iherb was a good source.

Their baby cereal (see http://www.iherb.com/Baby-Cereals) selection was excellent too. I ended up ordering Happy Bellies brown rice & oatmeal cereal, and they were probably the finest cereal we’d come across.  The Healthy Times cereals were going at S$4.13 per box, so after applying 25% off, it would be S$3.09.  This was the part I really felt like banging my head.  I had been buying from supermarkets at S$8.30 per box because I had been too tardy about seeking out the best deal.  I was thinking I probably would only save $1-$2 per box if I purchased from blogshops, but at 50% off from iherb?  An entirely new ball game.

Do note that I had excluded the shipping cost, because it was negligible and could be easily offset when you considered fuel & local transportation costs if you were to pick the cereals up from retail stores.

For new customers to iherb, you could seek out the first timer’s discount code (or you could also use mine – SZS468).  It was a US$10 discount off orders above US$40, and US$5 discount off orders below US$40.  Please check the website for more details.

And for my friends who had other great recommendations as to what you’d been getting from iherb, please share with me too!