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Technology gadgets for kids

Fisherprice created quite a stir when they introduced the apptivity rocker.  Well, I personally was against the idea of letting young babies watch materials from tablets or screens at such a young age.  It was one thing to leave them to watch TV for 5-10 minutes while the caregiver grabbed a quick bite or break, and another to have a tablet holder affixed to the rocker.  There was a potential to abuse and overuse the gadget.

I was definitely not a purist mom.  I had used the iPad as a bargaining chip in many instances.  It all boiled down to individual usage and control.  When Z was an 18m old toddler, we used the iPad rather liberally because he was a very slow and difficult eater.  The iPad was also a perfect companion for long flights, road trips and tided us over many occasions.

He was 18months old and impossible to reason with, no matter how many times I changed my marketing pitch to him.  One day, he also decided that he did not want to sit in his baby car seat anymore and was screaming bloody murder in the car every day.  Well, rather than risking an accident due to distraction by the screams, we purchased a tablet holder (at S$49.90 from Sim Lim) and attached it to the back of the front passenger seat.  Z was in his terrible twos at that time.  The usage was not unlike the Fisherprice apptivity seat.

Gradually, I understood the reason for his behaviour and tossed the terrible twos concept aside.  I talked a lot to him.  When I felt that he knew he had my support, I started to take the iPad away slowly.  It started with telling him that watching too much iPad would spoil his eyesight.  We reduced the watching duration from X time to 0.5X time.  By the time when he was used to not watching the iPad,  I explaining to him the danger of fixing the iPad in front of his seat and the presence of the iPad holder.  If there was a car accident, the iPad might fly and hit him.  Z was only 2+ years old when he agreed to removing the iPad from the car.

Subsequently, I told him that I would prefer that he talked to us during meal times and I gradually kept the iPad away.

With that, the iPad was kept away for good and instead of an entitlement, the usage of iPad became a privilege.

At the end of the day, gadgets could work for us and make our lives easier but we must also know when to call it a day.  Hence, I would not dismiss the use of such gadgets.  Like I had always told my friends, the greatest inventions for parents would be “iPad and Pixar”.  They made our lives so much easier!   One key thing to remember was we, the parents, called the shots, not the children.  Only we would know what constituted as reasonable usage and what would constitute as abuse.  If we followed the wills of the children, it would be overused.

Getting the iPad mini with retina

I had compared both iPad air and the iPad mini with retina before making up my mind on which one to buy.

Upon deciding, I actually went ahead to purchase a Marc Jacobs iPad mini cover because it was on 50%+15% discount.

The cover arrived even before I could get my hands on the iPad mini. With the cover sitting idle, I actually felt like I wanted to get it in earlier. I had waited a week plus for the stocks to arrive at Harvey Norman but to no avail. I called up many retailers and none of them had stocks for iPad mini with retina display wifi/cellular in any size.

My friend convinced me that buying online would be the fastest route. I had been put off by the 5-7 business days’ waiting time. However, looking at how things go, it did not look like I would be able to buy from retail stores any time soon too.

I placed order on Tuesday 830pm.

The iPad mini with retina display was delivered on Thursday 518pm. That took less than 48 hours!