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Death by macarons



In this box, it featured the following flavours – Raspberry Chocolate, Passion Fruit, Pistachio, Nutella Hazelnut, Hoji Azuki and Blueberry Oreo (which I had tried before).

I was particularly excited about the Nutella Hazelnut.  However, an overdose of cakes from Chef Yamashita meant that I was tried to stagger my desserts’ intake. Hence, I had actually froze the macarons to savour over a longer period of time.

My facial had ended 30min ahead of schedule and I had casually skimmed through my Facebook newsfeed to discover the offering of Nutella Hazelnut for the day.  Hence, I swung over to the bakery.  The owner was pretty sweet because she recognised me the instant I stepped in.  Then she actually asked if I had not worn makeup for the day because I looked slightly different and I was usually accompanied by my family or the very least Z.

Well, what to say?  Not only was the entire family a fan of her macarons, we also loved her financiers in Chocolate and Green Tea flavours.  Too bad about missing the Durian flavoured financiers a few weeks ago though!

Yes, so I reckoned I would actually be having a really unhealthy addiction to the divine macarons for a long time.

Sinful macarons


They served up such amazing flavours for a macaron every week that I had to make a special trip down to the Pek Kio area at least once a month.

They made such good macarons that when Z ordered from Bakerzin, I thought the Bakerzin ones were so terribly bad.

In order of preference from this week’s selection – rose lychee, yellow peach, choc bueno and mangosteen.

A bountiful and galloping new year

With these pretty macarons from my favorite bakery.


Desserts overdosed


It was a weekend where we overdosed on desserts.

I came across Da Paolo’s festive crodo which had white chocolate raspberry fillings.  It was pricier than the usual version at $6.50 but I would gladly buy this over the normal ones.  It would be available till Christmas and I would definitely be back for more.

I also picked up a new box of macarons.  It was Chocolate Intense Marshmallow, Butterscotch and Vanilla.  I had yet to try but the flavours sounded awesome already.

One of my favorites from Da Paolo – Since my friend recommended me to Da Paolo cakes, it had been hard to reconcile with the the rest.  Too bad they did not sell WHOLE cakes.




All things honey and sweet

I couldn’t resist snapping a shot of this. It was a citrusy scent and reminded me a lot of DKNY Apple perfume.

My calories’ count for the day went to this – durian macarons! Thankful for lovely friends who helped to share the calories.


It had been a fruitful day of working, “brunching”, collecting desserts, shopping and catching up with friends.

If only every day was a Saturday.