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Divine macarons indeed



Blueberry oreo, rose ganache and mocha caramel. I thought the mocha caramel was the best.

Here was the shop if you ever decided to check it out:


Matcha Chestnut


I tried this today.

I was blown away by how good it tasted. I usually had rather low expectations of ‘new’ flavours.

I once had “orange blossom” macaron in Paris (little wonder on the brand), it was a washed out experience literally. I felt like I had shower gel in my mouth.

After a busy weekend of looking after baby X, Mr H finally had the time to relax and enjoy his macarons. After trying all 3 flavours, he said,”This must be the best macaron I ever had.” It struck me that both father and son had the same taste in their favorite flavour and brand of macarons.

Guess that meant we would be staking out on Facebook together to see what new flavours the baker would conjure in the coming week.


I liked macarons but Z loved macarons.  He never failed to ask us to buy whenever we were in the vicinity of Ngee Ann City.  The last time when we bought him macarons from ET Artisan, he told us that the ‘Taka’ one was better.  Today, we tried the Divine Macarons from Joys Baking & Co and he actually preferred this to the ‘Taka’ one.

A box of 7 macarons costs S$15.60 and you could opt to mix the flavours based on what was offered.  The baker only sold macarons on Thursdays & Saturdays.  She would post on Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/Joys.UptownSweets) on the flavours to expect one day earlier.  Today’s selection comprised of Neapolitan Strawberry Dark Chocolate, Hazelnut Milk Chocolate & Matcha Chestnut.


I had the Neapolitan Strawberry Dark Chocolate earlier.  It was deep and intense, different from ETA’s light creamy version.


I liked how the baker had sandwiched dark chocolate ganache between Strawberry and Vanilla biscuits.  The mix of 3 flavours together was a surprise and a delight.  I definitely looked forward to trying new flavours in future.

Joys Baking & Co

Weekend seemed to have arrived earlier with the injection of a public holiday mid-week.  I was inclined to seek out desserts, especially after a tiring half-morning being frustrated to death by Z.

The first time I got to know about this bakery was when my neighbour bought me a slice of carrot cake.  Carrot cake was chai tau kueh to me, the pan-fried salty ones at Hawker stalls.  I never liked it as a western dessert and had never been impressed.  Till I tried this.  It was very good, so much so that I decided to visit the bakery.


The bakery appeared new & modern but rather bare looking.  There were mini lemon meringue tarts, mixed nuts tarts, carrot cake, muffins and this mini cupcake lookalike dessert featured below (with such a fancy name called financier that I kept thinking about my financial planner).

The financiers were available in chocolate, green tea, blueberry and raspberry.  It cost S$8 for a box of 8.  It was fabulous.  It was slightly crispy at the side, moist & chewy in the center and wasn’t too sweet.  Judging by how we had finished almost everything before I snapped a picture of this humble looking dessert, it was unassumingly delicious.


The baker was called Joys (unsurprisingly).  She told me to follow her facebook page and if I saw anything I liked, I could leave her a private message to reserve.  She would list what she was baking for the next day and it was up to the customers to pre-order so as to minimize wastage.

It was a rather interesting business model.  I was telling Mr H that I almost wanted to ask what she was selling exactly because there were very few items on display in the bakery.  It looked more like a baker’s workshop.

For the record, she told me she focused on experimenting flavors and her top items were macarons (only available on Thu & Sat, check FB for flavors) and lemon meringue tarts (also need to reserve).  Her daily staples were financiers and carrot cakes.  There was only one type of cake – carrot cake.  To be fair, it was really good.

Guess I would be back – after pre-orders.