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Kiwis & fruits

It was such a terrific promotion and the kiwis were so sweet that I bought 3 boxes. The usual pack cost $6.95 for 4. This was $9.90 for 8 and came with a free container which I thought was fabulous for storing food neatly in the fridge.

These few months were really awesome with the season of sweet blueberries, kiwis and my all-time favorite New Zealand Fuji apples.

Green, Gold & Red kiwi fruits.

I had never been a fan of kiwi fruits. I always thought they were hard and sour till my mom taught me when to tell if it was ripe. The surface of the skin should be soft upon pressing.

Most importantly, there were interesting versions such as gold kiwi fruits which were so sweet with a tangy sourness at times.

A month plus ago, the red kiwi fruits hit the supermarkets.

I was curious naturally and picked up a box of 5 for $6.90.

It was like a sweet but less distinct version of the green kiwis.

Guess my preference would be gold, green and red.