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Letter X


Z had his swimming classes every Saturday.

After 2.5 terms, he knew the strokes, he could open his eyes in water without reliance on goggles, he was not afraid to dive, he was not afraid to jump in and he was now learning to breathe whilst swimming.

Perhaps by the end of this term or completing a 4th term, he would be a savvy swimmer.

X and I used to attend and watch Z swim.  However, as X required his lunch at 11am, smacked right in the middle of Z’s swim class, we had stopped attending.  Z, on the other hand, would always remember his brother and picked up a sticker for him weekly.

Despite all that I had been talking about Z playing rough, he was never rough to Baby X.  I really had to commend him on that and was always amazed by how much love he had for his brother.

We sure did a good marketing job on that.

I wished this bond would never be broken and could only strengthen in years to come.


Thank you, Mr H

For being the best husband, best dad ever.

One of the key reasons why we could function successfully as a DITK-NH model was because Mr H pitched in and at tough times like this, he contributed a lot more to the family.

Having a child down with HFMD meant that someone would have to stay home with the child.  I believed not many fathers out there could look after a sick child on their own.  Mr H was not unfamiliar with bathing, feeding and cajoling his sons.  He was such a hands-on dad that he would not even quiver at the thought of solo-parenting with 2 sons.  Yes, he had done that before; several times actually.

The fact that I was sick, down and out meant that he had to step up as the primary caregiver so that I could rest.  I had always thought Mr H was a great dad, but this HFMD incident made me realize he was an Award Winning Dad (& husband).  I was very grateful for what he had done for us and how much he loved all of us.