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Double flavoured Macarons

We were infinitely blessed to have such sweet friends. A fellow livejournal friend who knew how much Z loved macarons gave us a box of macarons. She specially came by to where we were to pass to us.

The beautiful macarons (see http://www.la-rose-noire.com/node/208 for the flavours)

X recognized the macarons and demanded to be served

I feared we had spoilt our kids in a terrible manner by getting them hooked on such decadent delights. Both boys loved the macarons to bits but I thought it was rather sweet, not unlike the sweetness of Laduree macarons. Mr H joked about sugar rush and Z put on a funny stoned expression to depict how sugar rush would look like. X, on the other hand, was unbothered and ate as much as he could.

My favorite lemon raspberry macaron and I loved the surprise within it

A new dessert place

We finally tried audacious bakery.


It had done a really good PR job and I was very keen to check out Everton Park.

Well, there was another matcha cupcake not featured as we ordered later. Their cakes were alright but the chocolate tart was disappointing.

X had the opportunity of trying the strawberry shortcake and the matcha cupcake. Their cupcakes were surprisingly good.

We had no idea if the macaron was good because Z finished it by himself and even asked us if he could reorder.


I supposed the macarons were good but my loyalty lied with Joys Baking & Co’s divine macarons.