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The Ultimate Breastpump with the oddest battery ‘policy’

I used the Medela Freestyle breastpump and really loved it to bits.  I had chosen this because I wanted a dual pump in the past.  It was extremely portable and the battery was very handy.  I meant, it was shocking for me to find out that another particular brand selling a premium dual pump version had no slot for batteries.  It meant you would need a/c supply all the time.  How would that be sustainable?  Anyway, this Medela freestyle pump had been to countless airports and meetings with me because it was that small.  It was great at triggering letdown and helped to express milk fast.  If you could not express milk via this breastpump, it would be a user problem – too much blockage at the milk ducts.

Later on, I realized I could have saved a lot more by buying from blogshops.  In any case, I had 2.  The first one was an authorized set from Z’s time where I used for 15 months and I stored it away for 22 months.

When I dug it out again, needless to say, the lithium ion battery was faulty and could only last 15minutes per full charge.  It used to last me 2-3 days, 5-6 pump sessions a day.  A brand new Medela battery would cost me S$150 and another S$150 to replace the tubing/membranes/bottles/connectors.  A brand new complete set from a blogshop which brought in its goods from USA would cost S$460.  Of course, I bought a brand new set and that was the second set.

Given that I had used it for so long, I never knew that once you removed the battery from the breastpump motor, the battery would be depleted to zero capacity.  When my friend had problem with her medela freestyle breast pump and shared this with me, I was surprised too.  Then again, I had never tried taking it out.

Until one dreadful morning.

I woke up to express milk at 3am and nodded off at the sofa.  Yes, the noble chores a nursing mother had to do, but gladly!  I knocked the back cover off and the battery was shook out of position.  I was in disbelief that it dropped to 1 bar immediately.  I charged the breastpump later on and after 3 hours, it was still at 1 bar!

I messaged my friend and the answer to the solution was – to charge the breastpump for a stretch of 24hours, as advised by the Medela service folks.  It was not a product issue but a mechanism.  How odd!

But yes, it worked.