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Dessert for the week


This used to be my favorite, but super fattening, chocolate in Uni days.  I was pleasantly surprised to spy it in ice cream form at Meidi-Ya supermarket.  I loved the strawberry flavouring used in most Japanese confectionery and needless to say, I enjoyed this very much.

I also picked up a Hokkaido Chocolate Mille Crepe Cake from the supermarket.  We went there so often but there was always something new to discover each time.

A friend commented that we always seemed to be at Meidi-Ya.  Well, to a large extent, it was true.  Grocery shopping had always been a regular feature and was always functional.  However, shopping at Meidi-Ya was always full of surprises due to the vastly different range of goods available.  Mr H could recall fondly of his younger days when he used to visit the Japanese supermarkets such as Yaohan and Sogo.

It seemed like such a fun family tradition to continue.

Z definitely loved to shop for his snacks too, so did I.

Mr H’s version of a snack was a post-dinner supper of marked down sashimi.