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Spree and scoot

Like good old livejournal days when sprees were aplenty, I conducted a miniature version for my friends, all because I wanted to split the shipping costs.

At the same time, I recommended quite a few friends to Micro kick scooters.

Mr H commented that I helped to increase sales for Micro. To be honest, I thought the best promoter was X because he scooted so brilliantly.

We discovered a nearby carpark which was empty on weekends. X had a wonderful time scooting down slope while we had to run after him. He was supposed to learn braking but this boy had a mind of his own. He stepped on one of the front wheels to slow down the kick scooter instead of the rightful back wheel.


The spree was to get a Micro Sprite for Z. Both Mr H and I, now more educated on kick scooters, recognized the importance of a good quality scooter for safety’s reason. Z had been going so fast on his 2-wheeled scooter that the current one was not holding up well.

Meanwhile, Z had done an excellent job of cycling. He managed to complete a few circuits at the carpark, brake on slopes, cycle upslope and turn properly. If I did not recall wrongly, I only learned how to cycle on 2 wheels when I was in Primary 3 and my son had done it at half the age.

Next up was to see when X would break Z’s record.