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Oily milo

Whilst on travel and washing up cups with residual milo, Mr H highlighted that the residue was very oily. Compared to formula milk which was not oily, it sparked off a discussion as to why oil was added to milo.

I did a search on Google and results were surprising. Some people commented that milo made locally contained palm oil while the Australian milo recipe did not contain palm oil and therefore did not leave an oily residue.

Guess it meant that milo was more fattening than what it should be.

The Stylo Milo

It would be the Nescafe Dolce Gusto Milo capsules.

Being a marketing professional had attuned my shopping sense.

I told Mr H, “Milo would only be milo but when packaged into a NDG capsule, it could be sold for a premium and a marked up price.”  However, I was a mega milo fan, blame that on brand loyalty or more like the brand which I grew up with, so I still went ahead to spend $10.90 on a box of NDG milo capsules.

In the same grocery shopping, I also looked at –

1. $3.80 for a 400g pack of Milo powder (many servings)
2. $3.05 for a 6-pack Milo drink (on promotion no less)
3. $5.50 for a 18-sachet 3-in-1 Milo
4. $10.90 for 8-serving NDG capsules

I actually bought item #2 to #4 in the same grocery bill.  That was how much I liked Milo.

Unfortunately, I was rather disappointed with what I coined as the Atas milo.  It was too milky and sweet.  I preferred the milo powder version or the canned milo  version.  The NDG version did not quite cut it for me.