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Terrible Teething

We had been parents for quite a while that we thought we knew everything. Like really everything.

One day, X cried in pain and pointed to his mouth.

First panic attack – HFMD!

We shined a torchlight at the back of his throat.

No ulcers, cleared.

Second panic attack, decayed teeth!

We shined the light at the back of his gums. No teeth… And we laughed. If he had no teeth, how to have decayed teeth? We thought it was false alarm and maybe he bit himself.

The next day, he cried in pain again.

And again. And again.

It struck me odd that he had no teeth at the back and asked Mr H if kids were supposed to have teeth till the back. He replied that they should have. I ran a search and realized this was the time when they would have teething for a second set of molars. Really?

Well, so that explained the pain and discomfort. Thankfully, Dentinox helped to alleviate the pain but the teething woes plagued us for days.