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Mummy, rainbow!

One evening, the kids were playing when they turned around and shouted excitedly, “Rainbow!! Rainbow!!”

Their infectious joy and excitement sweetened the day. The not-so-little X basked in the excitement. While he was slow to gesture, he was adamant about shouting till he got my attention. The older boys had moved on to other toys but X was still enjoying the moment.

The sparkle in his eyes, the wide smile and the earnest expectation of my attention, I felt flattered. I felt like the most important person in his life. I was his most important person. That was the magical moment of parenthood.

The magical rainbow

Their adventure night  

The simple spellbinding top

It struck me that the simplicity and beauty of innocence was one that they had to shed to grow up. I would miss this, just as how the rainbow, pretty and pure, would only exist for that moment. The fun of the growing up years could only be immortalised in memory and photos.