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Hype carnival

We popped down to Mr H’s alma mater on a Saturday. The school had a carnival. We met up with his ex-classmate’s family for this occasion. Both of them had been such long time friends, then family friends and both our elder kids were equally as long time friends with each other.

The mood was casual. While the games were designed for older boys, the kids still had a blast.    

Air hockey   

Z turned out to be quite good with air hockey because he had gotten familiar with the concept of scoring goals and defending home ground   

Fishing with recycled bottles      

This particular class which we had visited used recycled materials in all their games. I was rather impressed with their concept and it was friendly for all ages. Of course, I did not let the old boys know that.

The kids enjoyed ice cream, cotton candy and jellies  

End of a 1.5hours tour  

Undoubtedly, it was a chance for us to familiarize the K2-ers to an official school environment and to get them excited to see older children in action.

I joked that the prices at the carnival was a lot friendlier than my alma mater’s and probably all other school carnivals we had been to. It struck us that it was the unique quality of this institution. The secondary school boys were very kind towards the young children too. As Mr H put it, it was the spirit of community and giving. It definitely walked the talk of focusing on character development as opposed to chasing the results.

By the way, hype stood for the Home You Proudly Embrace.

Wow, just wow.

It held a deeper significance than being trendy and flashy.

Snapshot of my life


A few days after receiving Z’s Photobook, I received X’s. Both were free Photobooks and I only had to pay for shipping. I had opted for the $7 express shipping, mainly because the cheapest option did not offer tracking.

I loved the composition of both cover pages. I loved how Jack the photographer captured such joy and happiness in a matter of clicks.

It struck me that these were literal snapshots of my life at this point. I never knew if I could have happier days beyond this but I knew I would enjoy every moment we created and shared.

When my children grew up, what would they remember? Perhaps these Photobooks could help them relive their childhood days which were snapshots of our lives at that point too.

A picture meant a thousand words, a story meant an eternal archival of that memory.

Turning 8

On this day, we would celebrate our 8th wedding anniversary.

I still had vivid memories of the proposal at Merchant Court Hotel, the wedding day at Shangri-la and through the good and bad days that we shared.

It did not seem too long ago when Mohd Sultan was populated with the likes of Madam Wong, Double O and many more clubs. Likewise, it did not seem too long ago when we used to spend the weekends partying, playing sports and go on road trips. These days, our weekends were made up of family breakfasts, playing with the kids and doing everything possible under the sun as opposed to under the moon.

Marriage was not as happily ever after as fairy tales had been. Movies and cartoons glamorized marriages. They only focus up till the wedding day, leaving the audience much bewildered as to what would follow next.

A wedding day was a celebration of the union, a marriage was a symbol of dedication, commitment and hard work by the couple. We had our fair share of ups and downs. Thankfully by now, we knew how to deal with each other’s quirkiness, uniqueness or some would call it difference. We also shared the same lifelong goals of giving the best, in love and care, to our family.

As our marriage stood today in its 8th anniversary, we were proud parents to 2 lovely boys. We gave them the most precious commodity – our time. Little would we expect to play the leading caregiving roles to these little rascals who took after us in features and characters one way or other. The basis for a happy family was a happy marriage and the basis for a happy marriage would be lifelong companions who cared and loved each other more than themselves.

So here was to many more happy years to us.

Mr H, Happy 8th wedding anniversary and to more good food, travels, health, happiness, H and love!

Valentine 2015

For some odd reason, I had not scheduled a post for today, so that made today’s update somewhat almost real time.

After weeks of being really tied up at work, I was greeted with a surprise gift. For the longest time, Mr H who was a very good hubby but rather unromantic man, had all but given up on springing surprises. We would buy each other gifts throughout the year in a rather pragmatic manner.

However, he was always sweet and consistent in the way he would always drive me wherever I had to go for the past 10 years. When I was sick, he would take time off work and bring me to the doctor. Admittedly, I did not even always bring Z or X to see the doctors all the time. When I had crazy ideas, he would always participate such as dragging the kids up on a Sunday morning to play tennis or spring cleaning the storeroom at 2am.

Last night, he pulled such a sweet surprise. He made a Photobook! To be honest, I chanced upon his last visited page on Safari when I borrowed his iPhone to check for the address of a restaurant. Otherwise, it would have been a total rock-my-socks-off kind of surprise.

I had thought it would be an anniversary present since our wedding anniversary would happen 10 days after Valentine’s Day.

The gift


I loved Photobooks because they were such great ways for reminiscing the good old times. I also hated Photobooks because they were so time consuming to filter photos and arrange. It would be the best if someone could make for me.

I had never expected Mr H to make because he was such a tech dinosaur.

I was also a very serial recorder of information, judging by the way I had been updating this blog. He surprised me by recalling all the dating, marital and parental milestones for the past 10.5 years. He inserted dates of our dinner events whilst I had forgotten myself. There were pages when I flipped and even went,”Did I have that dress??”

Mr H had certainly put a lot of efforts in making the Photobook. I would know and I appreciated every page of the book.

Our boys loved the Photobook too because it gave them insights of what our lives were like before they came along. It was certainly funny to point out that the now defunct Double O was now occupied by Polliwogs.

Happy Valentine’s Day to my Valentine!


The day might have been spent simply with the boys and family but a day with loved ones was always a lovely and happy day.

Dinner at Wong Dae Bak


The first time I went with my friends, the experience was great and memorable. Unfortunately, when I brought Mr H for a meal, it was sadly disappointing. We ordered the marinated short ribs, the marinated pork shoulder and seafood pancake.

The beef ribs were average because the cutting and slicing were odd. It was too fatty and chewy.

The pork were overly marinated in garlic which created a strange taste.

The seafood pancake was the best but even so, guessed it would be unlikely for us to return.

I suspected the standards dropped due to the new staff. I asked a waiter on why the cut of the short ribs was odd and why the pork tasted weird, all he replied was that it was his first day at work. Granted that it was your first day, you could have helped us check.

Anyway, since we would not be returning, we gave up on pursuing the matter.

A new suitcase

We managed to pick up a new suitcase after the rubber on the wheels of Mr H’s 8 years’ old Mendoza suitcase had cracked and fallen off. It would cost $80 to fix up 2 wheels.

To be honest, I thought it was better to get a new one. We had been sold on this Samsonite suitcase which we saw in Paris. It came with double wheels. However, Mr H had been too attached to his Mendoza suitcase to see a need to change. The wheels were fine back then.

However, after the Korea trip in May, the wheels “spoiled”. We had not been able to find the same double-wheeled Samsonite suitcase locally or even in Australia. Our pain point about Samsonite suitcases were that the rubber parts on the wheels tended to fall off after 2 years. It was annoying to send and pay for the repairs. It was as though the initial high outlay was not enough, we were looking at high maintenance costs too. Even the 32″ (which could expand out to 150 liters capacity) Samsonite suitcase which I picked up in London in 2011 also had to be repaired recently. Spending $80 on fixing 2 wheels every 2-3 years was not cool.

We were pleasantly surprised when we chanced upon the CK Tang travel fair. We managed to pick up a 31″ Lojel suitcase, hard case, 4.5kg, double zip & TSA lock with a capacity of 106 liters at $217. It came with a ten years warranty which covered the wheels! Further to that, we received a $20 CK tang voucher for charging more than $200 on AMEX cards.





Chef at home

The only two things that Mr H cooked better than me was instant noodles and bird’s nests.

We had a residual supply of bird’s nests from my pregnancy days.

Since X’s second hfmd episode, we had reinstated the regular tonics and Mr H had been cooking bird’s nest for the family weekly. Both Z and X would always demand for more helpings. They loved bird’s nests very much.

Z could tell me that he preferred the homecooked bird’s nest to the bottled ones. Our kids were a discerning lot when it came to food.