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Night Fest – Part 2

Given how the programmes were spread out, we returned to the Night Fest for a consecutive Friday. Like the previous week, we reached at 10pm after Z’s wushu class.

Boys drawing on a VW beetle  

Finally caught sight of these birds in the trees

And more on the other trees  

Waiting for the start of the show, slated at 11pm so the kids had endless refills of the Anooki

Garden of Angels  

Fiery surprise 


The boys were reluctant to head home and we caught the Little Nonya’s dream which was a tad anti climax. 

Z asked, “Why is the screen so big but the show so small?”

Another question, “Huh, end already? So fast?”

Hahaha. Pardon my arty-farty-deficient kid.

This was a throwback to the Night Fest in 2013.   

Night fest 2015

It was the second time we brought the boys to Night Fest. The first was in 2013 when X was still so tiny. 

We checked out the night fest during the first weekend. It was a long shot because it was a Friday night. Z also had martial arts class till 945pm. 

I was quite tired but determined to make it a late night family activity for the novelty.
We caught the Anooki at 1010pm and stayed for 2 runs. The boys were giggling over the video. It was a really cool projection!  

Countdown to the next round   

We watched a live band performance, waited around for the flamenco which took too long to head and popped over to SAM for the Alchemy. It was amazing!  

By 1130pm, we had to call it a night and drag the kids home.