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More on the brothers


I received this gorgeous photo from Studio Memories. It was taken on the day of the fashion shoot. Of course, both boys were decked out in Paley & Love.

What I loved about the photo was the crisp and fresh vibrance. X was looking so well into the camera. He had been almost 17 months’ old.

Paley & Love @ Public Garden Flea market


It was our first participation at Public Garden. Well meaning friends had always asked us to take part since the beginning of beginnings. We were really too busy in between the kids’ lessons, holidays and other activities. This time round, the Public Garden was over a stretch of long weekend and rendered it timely to participate.

Z had his first flyer distribution experience.

There were simulation activities such as Doctor for a day, Kidzania and more. However, nothing could quite top the experience of “working” to earn your keep.

The boys were told to finish giving out a small handful of flyers before they could have their ice cream treats. Z was rather shy about it initially. He managed to take on the job with cheer and smiles. All but 5 minutes’ later, he claimed to be tired. I told him it was fine to give up on the job and the ice cream.

That was why he got really upset and told me to account the batch of flyers he gave out much earlier.

I took the chance to teach him that it was not easy to earn an ice cream treat, let alone to earn money. Therefore, it was wrong to waste toys/clothes/food. I hoped he could remember this.

Paley & Love X Studio Memories

It was taken at Studio Memories. The clothes were by Paley & Love. The child models were cheery and fun.

The photos were fabulous.

It was a perfect formula and I really liked how the photos turned out. I thought both Z and Y (yes, the girl’s name started with Y) looked very compatible. Plus, the pairing of the outfits went very well.

I really like the Korean flair to all the clothes. If only the clothes came on adult sizes! Anyhow, the photos at Studio Memories turned out so well that I was tempted to book for my family photoshoot. One thing for sure, while the great outdoors boasted of beautiful sunlight, our weather was too humidly hot to smile and pose in.

Enjoy the photos!








Paley & Love’s Neon Pinks & Greens


I am really liking this series of neon pinks and greens.  The leftmost dress, as featured on Yores, has fluffy neon pink sleeves.  The fabric is light and airy, the myriad of colours and prints, as well as the style really adds the pop to the entire style.

My favorite is the dress in the middle.  The colours are so bright and the near retro prints simply make this a statement fashion piece.  Too bad it does not come in my size.  It is really a pity.

The last dress which come in apple green has such a pretty tulle bottom and back that it is a classy piece.

As for what Z is wearing, I love the vogue prints on the bermudas.  It goes with all his boring, plain tops.  The motifs has seemed rather challenging at first but if paired well, it spruces up an outfit easily, especially in sunny Singapore where everyone tends to dress down in bermudas.

The new collection will be released in phases while there are more stylish apparels available via http://www.paleyandlove.com.

About Paley & Love

Well, not many people would have spent time to read ‘about us’ on online stores’ sites.

I put in quite a fair bit of efforts to articulate what I was thinking when I decided to start this.  I would say I hardly bought clothes for Z locally.  While I had on and off purchased from Gap SG, twice from Cotton On, thrice from Fox… more than half of Z’s wardrobe came from our overseas trips.  It was usually because I found it embarrassing to bump into someone with the same outfit.  It was also because I could score better deals too.  I found it a lot more economical than to grab them in local retail store.

Hence, this was what I wrote on the site (http://www.paleyandlove.com/about-us):

Paley & Love is a Children’s Clothing Store which caters to the discerning parents who want to dress their children in style. Our clothes are for children and infants. All styles come in limited pieces and you would be amazed by our extensive,trendy and chic collection. 

As astute mothers and fashion-conscious globetrotters, we have put together designs which are wearable, comfortable, unique, stylish and affordable.

We know how challenging it is to shop with active and playful children, browse through racks of clothes and wait for the sales assistant to check in the backroom for sizes.
So we peddle everything online for you where you can browse our awesome collection 24/7 in peace.

 We know how challenging it is to get a child in and out of clothes.
So we only select clothes that are easy to wear for the parent and child. 

We know how challenging it is to find good quality and comfortable clothes.
So we give our suppliers a hard time by demanding for the best. 

We know how uniquely different every child is and want their bigger-than-self personalities to shine.
So we scour the markets for designs which we would dress our children in and also keep our designs to limited quantities.

 We know how fast children outgrow their clothes. 
So we keep the pricing reasonable. 

Yes, you are buying from Paley & Love, where we know and we understand because we are very practical and shopaholic mothers too.