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Social engagements

There was a weekend where we brought the kids for X-men.  The cousins were dressed in hoodie jackets and looked absolutely charming together.  20140526-222100-80460775.jpg


We also attended a birthday party held at Cool De Sac.  It was surprisingly not as crowded as I thought.  It might appear that they had sorted out the teething issues.  The children had fun but they got pretty bored after a while, to our surprise.  The stash of toys at the infants’ area seemed to be all over the place or not working.

Thankfully it was not as crowded, so the kids ended up playing a game of racing via the slides.

They were also more enthused about dressing up with the props this round.










On a totally random note, I really loved these ironmen T-shirts which we had picked up in Korea.  At US$20 per top, it was well worth the spend!  Mr H had been rather hesitant initially because both kids had so many clothes, mainly due to my shopaholic nature and Paley & Love!20140526-222101-80461282.jpg


Jan packed with parties

The pun was intended.

It would appear that most social activities occur in January. From the very first weekend of Jan to the last, we had parties all the way, with X’s bash being one of the main parties of the month.

Looked how wild it got


Today marked the last of January’s parties


It was at JWT gym and Z had a hyper session running around. We completed some cny shopping. It was the first time we had actually done so. It was a milestone in our home ownership history through we probably would be spending most of the time at my parents’ place.

With my cautious diet, we decided to focus on quality instead of quantity (in case we were left with surplus). It was an attempt to create a festive atmosphere at home though I had to admit we were really inexperienced at this.