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The tiny basketball game



Both boys were playing with Baby X’s baby basketball toy.  I really liked Fisher Price’s new range of learning toys because they were built at a comfortable height for a sitting baby.  X already had one baby kitchen, courtesy of Pampers’ Qoo10 promotion previously.  This basketball toy was a gift during X’s full month.

Who said second child was only relegated to hand-me-downs?  X had so many new clothes and toys.

We had times where Z, being the older child, would take away something from X.  If we were around to witness the act, we would tell him that it was X’s toy and X would have the priority entitlement.  Alternately, we could always trade all of Z’s old toys for X’s singular new toy.  Z was usually fine because he knew just how many toys he had, compared to X.

X was so inspired by Z’s throwing that he attempted to throw too.  It was very cute!



Mr H joined the game too.  When Mr H manned the ‘basketball board’, he asked Z for a dollar per game.  When it was Z’s turn to man the ‘basketball board’ and pick up the balls, he told Mr H, “Pay me one dollar to play!”

Kids really learned fast.


Z and X had such a fun night playing with each other.



X really enjoyed his brother’s company. Z really enjoyed the attention.
It was quite a good match at the moment.

X apparently enjoyed himself so much that he crawled to the play area by himself this morning. When we told him it was time to go to school and asked him to crawl towards the main door, he shook his head at us.


We might have a pontang king on hand!