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 Clothing sale “models”

There was a sale in October when I loaded up on preppy outfits for the boys.

Z was accommodating in modeling the pieces but X was an absolute nightmare.

Some of the photos which I managed to snap. The rest were blurry and could not be featured. It was another case in point as to how different the two boys were.


My favourite travel insurance

I would usually stake out for the bi-annual travel insurance promotion. It would be offered during NATAS period. At 50% off for single trip policy, it was too good to be missed!

Apart from the coverage for loss of valuables (in particular loss of cash due to theft being capped as $500), the general coverage was pretty comprehensive and generous. It was also generally easy to claim from Tenet should anything really crop up.


VPost shopping discount codes 

For the benefit of my friends who are shopping on overseas websites, here are all the codes valid from now till 20 July.

Base charge is $13.40. 

The cost of shipping a 6.2kg item would be $69. I topped up a $11 Vcare insurance (pegged to value of item) and applied the $30 discount code.  

Happy shopping and shipping!



Sale shopping with Z

There was a Ferragamo presale a month ago.

I went down with Z in the evening. I tried on a pair of pink Carlas 7cm and asked Z if it looked nice. He looked at me quizzically and said it looked the same as what I was wearing. It was a pair of black Carlas 8.5cm.

I had to explain the difference to him.

In any case, I thought it was too short for my liking.

We headed to another branch where I tried a pair of Varinas (flats) and a pair of Pimpas (heels with platforms in the front). Z immediately said the heeled version was nicer. He said the varinas did not look very nice.

As such a young age, it seemed like I had a very young chauvinist on my hands. However, he had his gentleman values too and carried my shopping for me.


He was also a little chatterbox. I tried to shop for a wallet for Mr H during the sale. However, as there was no new pieces and there were scratches on the last piece, I did not buy the wallet. Despite reminding Z not to talk about it, he spilled every single bean about it.


AMEX Airbnb Black Friday Promotion

We had a trip to Bali scheduled in Feb 2015. We had started looking around for accommodation and was about to book the villa when this timely promotion appeared this morning.

From the eDM this morning:

What could be better than relaxing in Bali or Sydney this holiday season? How about knowing that your Airbnb accommodation costs 20% less than usual when you book with your American Express® Card?

Can’t get a vacation until next year? Not to worry, this offer is valid for stays until 31 May 2015.

Simply make your booking between 28 November and 2 December using the promotion codeAMEXxxxxxxSYD or AMEXxxxxxxBALI, where ‘x’ are the first 6 digits of your Card.

In fact, last night, I was still messaging the host if she could extend a discount and I was waiting out for her reply when Mr H received the email from Amex. Imagine our delight!