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Post Sea Games

When Sea Games ended on 16 Jun with a closing ceremony, Z was visibly upset. He was so sad when he said, “There will be no more sea games to watch tomorrow.”

The whole family had been really caught up in the excitement of this event. I had not realized that it affected Z that much.

He said he missed watching the competition on TV everyday. I had to admit even I felt a sense of loss. I wondered what it would be like for the volunteers and the athletes. They must have felt displaced from the lack of action.

On deeper notes, this SG50 year had been a very memorable year. Hosting the Sea Games was a definite special moment in Singapore’s history and how lucky we were to have witnessed this. 

Souvenirs from the games 

We would keep these for as long as we could and maybe for SG100. I might not be around by then but the kids could share these Sea Games memorabilia with their kids. That would be 3 tees, 2 pins and 1 Nila for them to share. #lol 

The second Jun weekend (Sea Games!)

It was a very busy weekend, but then again, which weekend of ours had not been busy?

On Friday, we had dropped Z off for his class before bringing X to a nearby mall to check out the ideal size to buy for his winter jacket.

On Saturday, I had a bit of flu and slept in while Mr H brought both boys out. After clearing the PTM, lunch, facial & naps, it was very late by the time we reached 8Q at SAM Museum. The concepts were really cool this round.

Hitting the museum    

Tetris gym blocks which the boys climbed all over 

Local animations which were surprisingly good (& the kids loved the cartoons)


Origami – making rockets   

Cycling which was fun for X but tiring for Mr H & Z   


Pom pom making (which was largely made by me!)   

Hanging sweets    

The last exhibit was abstract and too eerie for X. Anyway, we were running late for dinner appointment at Suntec City. After dinner, I dragged the boys to Marina Square just so that I could get Z to don on winter jackets for me to decide which size to order online.

Sunday was a sporty day. Z went for his rollerblading trial class, then we headed off to the National Stadium for lunch and soak in the Sea Games atmosphere.    

Z had so such intel about Sea Games in school that he really wanted to watch a live game. Hence, we purchased tickets for water polo. It was a round robin day and we caught the 1st match which featured the IND-THA women’s game.   

X was really cute and echoed, “Go Thailand Go!” with the Thai fans.

We had to rush off for Z’s swimming class as he had a test.

After that, we returned to Kallang Wave Mall for shopping of souvenir Tees (buy 2 get 1 free!) and dinner at Shokudo Cafe.   

We were seated by 730pm for the 8-9pm SIN-PHI men’s water polo game.   

   The atmosphere was fun, patriotic and infectious. The boys had so much fun cheering and screaming along. When the game first started, Z SHOUTED, “GO SINGAPORE GO!”

No one was cheering at that point so we could hear him loud and clear. Z was so embarrassed and covered his face with his bag. Hahaha…

Anyway, Singapore won the game with 20 goals! It was fun cheering the team on. Towards the end, Z asked, “How come Joseph Schooling never play water polo? He swims so fast!”

We had to use the analogy that a 100m sprinter might not make a good soccer player to get our point across. What a great sporty weekend this had been.

Hosting SEA Games might be the best thing to hit Singapore because it truly inspired the younger children. Maybe we would have more athletes one day. Thank you, team Singapore for helping our children to dream.


Support for SG

Last month, when Sea Games was in town, Z was very excited.

His teachers and friends had discussed at lengths. He could even name all the 11 Southeast Asian countries. He learned a cheer to support the Sg team too.

He watched the opening ceremony, Netball and swimming on TV. He was so keen that he asked to watch some sports live and so we ended up buying tickets to watch water polo. 

He even knew about Nila. 😂

Z would cheer on Team Singapore and do a victory dance when we won the gold medal. He would be equally disappointed when Singapore was not playing or not winning.

Happy with Nila 

Sporting badges for keepsake – Swimming for Z and Soccer for X  
And I thought this should be recorded here for memory’s sake – the funniest badge ever