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Under the weather

The weather had been rather harsh the last few months, no thanks to the heat wave and the haze.

Since the last time I wrote about how guilty I was when X contracted HFMD for the second time in his life, I was adamant that I would step up on the efforts to build up his immunity.

In our household, on top of ensuring that everyone in the family received their daily dose of vitamins from fresh vegetables and fruits, in particular kiwis and apples, as well as ensuring the kids drink sufficient water, I relied on a number of supplements and tonics.

Supplements: Nordic Natural’s Children DHA, Multi Vitamin Gummies and previously, probiotics for Z when he was eating poorly. The kids also occasionally took immunity booster as prescribed by the PD.

However, I felt that despite the fruits and regular supplements, they were not sufficient.

Occasionally, I would get the kids to eat Manuka Honey 5+ once a week. If they were sick or had ulcers, they would eat twice a day. For us, we would take the Manuka Honey 15+ as recommended by a friend. When we were on the verge of getting sore throat or runny nose-to-be, taking Manuka Honey in time helped to improve the situation. I would buy from Holland & Barrett because they usually had some kind of promotion for Comvita Manuka Honey.

Chinese Tonics: I never really realised how effective these tonics were till I experienced its goodness from daily consumption during pregnancy.

1. Yang sheng – It’s known to be a cooling tonic and should be taken when you feel like you are on the verge of falling sick. I find this particularly useful when going on long, cold holidays. There were times when we had colds coming up and this really kept the colds at bay.

How to use – Soak in hot water and drink when the water has cooled. You could repeat this till the herbs become bland.

2. Pao sheng – I usually get this confused with the properties of Dang sheng. If I did not recall wrongly, this was to boost alertness, energy levels and reduce fatigue.

How to use – Soak in hot water and drink when the water has cooled. You could repeat this till the herbs become bland.

3. Dang sheng – This was to boost immunity.

How to use – Boil with red dates and dried longan for 20minute or till the dang sheng had expanded to the max.

4. Bird’s nest – This was to boost immunity, according to most sources heard or read online. However, I would recommend cooking your own bird’s nests as opposed to buying the bottled ones. The taste and concentration would be better, and you could control or omit sugar in the serving.

How to use – Bird’s nests were kept in freezer to maintain their quality. Hence, they had to be thawed overnight. Once thawed, soak the bird’s nests in water for an hour and then picked out the dirt/feather/etc. After draining the tap water, add cool boiled water to the bird’s nest. Thereafter, steam the bowl of bird’s nest for 45min. Add rock sugar if desired, then steamed for another 15min. It could be served hot, warm or cool.

*Disclaimer: We buy our birds’ nests from Albert Centre.

**Cordyceps are great herbs too … But no one in the family could appreciate its unique taste, hence the lack of information on this.