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Painfully OCD

Is when I would persistently layout a photobook for every holiday ever taken with the kids.

Is when I would classify and sort every photo on the external hard disk in folders named YYYYMMDD_EventName.

Is when I would backup my precious files into another external hard disk once in two months.

Is when my holiday itineraries are nailed down to the minutes and cents.

Is when every possible reservation that could be made would be made.

Is when every expression of my children are captured and morphed into a collage of expressions, simple because I felt the need to document every muscle movement.

And more. 

That being said, it was extremely satisfying to have finished the photobooks on Aussie, Balinese and Korean holidays from 2014.

I was left with the Legoland trip and this year’s Bali trip and cruise holiday.

Z had clocked a count of 15 holidays while X measured up with 8 holidays. Not too bad for both who just passed their 5th and 2nd year old birthdays 3-4 months ago.