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Pre-holiday weekend – Part 2

On Sunday, Z could barely crawled out of bed. Our cleaning auntie reached at 8am so Mr H and I had to be up early. In order to clear stocks in the fridge, I made ham, mushroom & cheese omelette for breakfast. My egg was too small and i did not add water so it was very hard to fold my omelette. My success rate was 1/3 for presentation. 

Mr H had also bought me a pizza float but I let the kids test run in the morning. X loved it.  

It looked like X was on patrol.

The kids played till the skies rained on them. After a home-cooked lunch, we headed out to the family hairdresser. We spent more than 2 hours there as I had to dye my hair.

After shopping errands for the trip & Xmas were completed, we took photos around the prettily decked out areas.  

We had a simple dinner before rushing off to USS for the evening programs. We were just in time!

The 713pm Christmas Lights show


The 720pm Fairytale remix performance 
The 740pm Sesame Street Xmas show  

Z even squeezed in a ride before we heading home on a drizzling night. 

Random fact of the day – I found out that X knew how & when to switch his Aircon on or off. 👍🏻

Pre-holiday weekend – Part 1

The pre-holiday weekend in Singapore was utter madness. There were so many things to do in Singapore during Christmas period but the rain was not helping. It almost made me feel sorry that we would be away from Singapore for so long! One thing for sure, we would miss the Star Wars opening weekend and there were a couple of movies such as The Good Dinosaur which we had not gotten to watching.

On Friday itself, Z had to skip his wushu class for his birthday dinner with the family. We also had an impromptu visit from our relatives in KL. By the time we were done with dinner and shopping at Daiso (we had to grab vacuum bags), we got home at 1030pm.

On Saturday, Mr H brought Z to soccer class. X went along too because I had facial appointment. They had lunch and we convened at Metro. We barely made our way past 313 when it started to drizzle and my plans for my Xmas moments’ phototaking at Ion were dashed. We went to the “Christmas Market” at OC, redeemed some vouchers and popped over to OG to buy woollen socks for the kids. No thanks to our late decision, we were unable to buy the ski accessories from a local website which was also undergoing some massive relocation and could not accommodate self-collection.

I shopped at Metro alone and picked up my skincare, a swim suit, a silk quilt (20%+20%) and silk-like quilt cover (60% off). 

Thereafter, we had to rush over to catch “The Future of us” exhibition.

 The wet walk in  
Getting in soon – the entrance was so near to the fairground of Xmas Wonderland that I thought we should have parked at Gardens by the Bay.


Entering exhibit soon
To ponder over what made Singapore Singaporean  
First video clip    

There was a second clip and we were shown this exhibit room. It showed endless possibilities of how we could use technology to create our future.

Checking out urban farming 


Z’s favorite section was the one showing how SCDF used technology to resolve a problem and how the soldiers secured a building.

“Dreams” in the air    

Casting a wish for his future 

Enjoying a swing     

The Future of Us – visited and checked!

I felt the exhibition was rather disappointing. Great concept but the experience was too short and abrupt.

In the evening, we attended a birthday party! 

The kids enjoyed running around while I enjoyed the live prata station.
Live station  

Z tried his first tissue prata
Then we rushed to USS for the Xmas show and fireworks! 

Extent of smoke from fireworks – so glad that they went ahead despite the rain
For Xmas, Mr H renewed our season passes so here was to more USS.  

I also realized we had more Xmas shows to catch!!! 

We definitely had to come back here before the holiday trip!

Xmas moments – Part 4

Date: 12 December 

Place: Centrepoint, Orchard Gateway, Orchard Central & USS

The recent heavy downpours and frequent rains had made it impossible to capture the festive moods around Singapore. This year, the retailers seemed to have invested heavily in the street decorations.

Outside Centrepoint   

“Ice sculpture” outside Orchard Gateway

Fancy Xmas lane and tree at Orchard Central  

Ballerina X

Inside OC  

Checking out OC’s little Xmas market   
Xmas at USS  

Tree of gifts at USS 

Epictober weekend – 1st half

I combined Epic and October in one word because it was truly so. We played from 930am to 10pm. By the time we got home, I was dozing at the supper table.

We started the day with Universal Studios! We were able to enter the park early because we had passes to the Breakfast with Elmo event. We were there to celebrate our niece’s birthday.

Party guests

Decor in the restaurant which really set the birthday mood

Cute pancakes which tasted good too

Cute desserts which might have been too heavy on the sugar

The birthday girl and her parents

Featuring our family with Elmo

Oscar which was really cute

Cookie monster and us

Bert & the kiddos

We went to play transformers ride with the express passes and caught the Sesame Street show together.

The boys also rode carousel with their cousin.

By 1230pm, it was too hot and we headed off to Orchard & Toa Payoh for school bag shopping before our second engagement for the day.

Fireworks at USS 

We made an evening visit to USS. We caught the 530pm Waterworld, let the boys go on Flying Dino and Carousel but missed the 630pm Sesame show. Z & Mr H went on the Elmo’s Spaghetti Chase while X and I decided on the restaurant for dinner.

By the time we were done with dinner, it was almost time for fireworks. Z squeezed all the way to the front by himself and got himself a prime spot. My boy has inherited our kiasu-ness!

Smoky works  

The fireworks were spectacular but I did not manage to capture any good shots because X was scared and wailed his lungs out.

We walked over to catch the illumination at The Merlion.

It was a pretty cool projection and seemed to be part of the extended jubilee moment.

We ran a quick errand while the boys acted crazy in the trolley. It was a good thing they were in a controlled area.