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Moments with X when he was 17.5 months’ old

#1. Cleaning the air

A couple of weeks ago, X did a major poop job.  I had to change his diaper and the smell was so bad that it lingered in the room.

What surprised me next was that X totted up to the air purifier in his room and turned it on.

#2. Moth and mouth

Most people would recall the swarm of moths on our sunny island.  We would see an occasional moth at our balcony.  We tried to teach X about moths.  He ended up pointing to his mouth all the time.  It was then I realised he had confused moth with mouth.  He probably thought they were the same thing or lest they sounded the same!

#3. The not-so-cute moment with X

I might have shared this on instagram very long ago (nearly 2 months’ ago).  I posted a toned down version of X lying on the floor and screeching in a fit of tantrum.  That actually explained why I leaped to the action of transforming his room within 2 weeks.  He would fly into such violent and ferocious rages.  It could be a sign of his tempers to come but I really hoped we would be able to help him manage his anger.

The star crossed situation


It described the scenario not of star crossed lovers but a parenting situation whereby X was starting on terrible twos syndrome and going through HFMD.

It had descended earlier than it was during Z’s time. I suspected that it was the second child syndrome where early exposure led to more advanced development.

The slightest deviation from his expectations would lead to the biggest tantrums on hourly basis. A full blown tantrum involved continuous loud crying and rolling on the floor at the same time.

Not only X wanted his way, he was non-negotiable and he was fickle-minded!

During the hfmd period, he kept asking to eat an item and only to spit out or reject. When he spat out food, there was cleaning and disinfecting work to do.

He also insisted on self-feeding and would rather reject the food if we insisted on feeding him. Given how little he was eating, I had to oblige and had more cleaning/disinfecting work to do.

It was really one of the most lethal combinations.