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Cute times with X

#1. I was fetching X from school. As we took the lift down from level 8, the lift opened at one of the levels. Suddenly, a man appeared at the lift door. X was stunned and uttered, “People!”

The man and I laughed at his reaction. Thereafter, X was so embarrassed that he buried his head into my skirt. 

#2. There were so many heavy downpours in December. When X got into the car, the rain was only a drizzle. X stared at the car’s body and asked, “Daddy, did you wash your car?” 😂

What a cute perspective of a toddler!

#3. I was making a photobook about our earlier holiday. When X saw the snow clad mountain of Tateyama, he piqued, “I want to go there.”

I said we were going to see snow.

He immediately replied, “I want to build snowman!”

At 34.5 months’ old

At 1.5 months’ shy of turning 3, X talked a lot more finally.

He mimicked every word that Z uttered. It was amazing that Z had not flared out yet.

One day, he tried to imitate me. I said that I was too tired and I was not going to cook dinner.

X said, “I am too tired. I cannot eat fish. I want to eat beef.”

He delivered it in such a serious manner that he had us in guffaws.

At this age, he was still our cute, little toddler. I really wished he would not grow up so fast and lose his baby charm.


X’s growing up tales

On the eve of Deevapali, we could hear music and see lights flashing in the sky. It sounded like there was an event nearby. When X heard the music, he went to the balcony and pointed in the direction of the music. He said, “People dancing there. I want to go. Let’s go!”

It was around 11pm.

Shortly after, the music tapered off.

X went on to tell us, “Finish. People go home. They shower and sleep.” He gestured the ‘shampooing motion’ and ‘washing body motion’. Since that night, we saw an explosion in his vocabulary and speech.

He was 2 years, 10 months and 3 weeks’ old.

One morning, we dropped Z off before him and X said, “Daddy, go together. Bring me down.” He wanted to walk his brother into the school.

His sudden development explained the past 2 weeks of incessant frustration he had been dishing out.

It was also a sign that my toddler was growing out of his toddlerhood too.

How time had flown.

Funny, random stuffs said


On asking him if his grandparents had arrived at the restaurant, his reply was, “No old people.”

On asking if anyone wanted more fruits and after both Mr H and Z declined, he said, “I don’t want also.” 

~ Who taught him “also”? 


On gasping “OH MY GOD!” very loudly at a staycation, he explained, “We forgot to bring the selfie stick.”

Bundle of joy & arrogance

I digged out a pair of Lightning McQueen crocs which had belonged to Z. It was in such mint condition that it looked as good as new. X put it on excitedly and asked, “Where you buy from? Japan?” 

While the toddler accent was strong, I was impressed with his ability to string a question and to make assumptions. He was not present when this pair of crocs was procured and given that I had bought a whole bunch of shopping loot from Japan recently, he naturally assumed that these were from Japan.

I corrected him that I bought it in Singapore and he could not stop echoing “Singapore”.

At the same time, he loved to mimick speaking in a stern and decisive tone. 

He would point his index finger and demand, “I want to bathe now.”

He was very strong minded. 

We were popping downstairs to check on Mr H’s tennis session. Z helped X to put his crocs nearer to the door step. As he bent down to place the crocs (like how sweet is this boy!!), X pulled the shoe shelf open and cut Z’s face in the process. Not only was X unapologetic, he pointed his index finger at us and said, “I want wear slippers!”

He continued his insistence and ignored the fact that he injured his brother. 

Yes, he was cute.

But yes, he was also insufferable.