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Z’s Graduation Concert

We received the tickets to the concert a week prior to the concert. I had been most curious to know our allocated seats. 

The day before the concert – Z gave me a full run down on the dialogue in the musical from all roles. He knew what everyone’s lines were. It turned out that the whole class knew the lines too.

The morning of the concert – Z told me about what each of them was wearing, discussed with me if he would cry at the concert, if friendship was really like water and would keep flowing, if friendship presisted through death and he continued to talk about what they would be doing in the night. I bought him a Forever Friends’ Graduation Bear. He was mightily pleased with it but was very confused by the association with “Forever Friends” on his program sheet. Me too!

Preparing & heading out for the concert



The kids had to report by 6pm. We were 10 minutes’ late. I walked Z up to his makeup room and hanged out at the reception area. I discovered we had photos to buy. 5R cost $4 per piece and 8R onwards was $10 per piece.

At the reception

The wall of photos to choose

I was very impressed with the graduation kit which included a  graduation ring!!

There were also studio shots which we didn’t even know was part of the package. What a pleasant surprise!

On the Graduation concert – It was as professional as what you would expect of a musical. They started with the children filing into the hall. They sang a song, received their graduation rings and had to get ready for their performances. It comprised of 6 classes of K2, so there were 90+ kids.

The first half was a musical called Annie & Oliver. It was split over 6 acts. Z’s class was Act 3. There was a 15min intermission where we had tea reception. The second half was a Chinese musical called “Forever Friends”.

I thought the entire performance was executed really well. I liked how Z’s teachers tried to split one lead role to a few persons so that more people can have exposure. Z played a supporting role but he was so good at it that I felt proud of him. It seemed that his teachers balanced out by giving him a bigger role for the Chinese musical. I guessed it must have been quite tough for the teachers to plan. Whatever it was, I told Z that I liked how well he articulated his lines. He had several moments of ‘exclusive’ attention on stage and I asked if he was nervous. He said he was pretty scared but he sure did not show an ounce of it on stage.

The preliminary studio recording complemented the musicals very well.  The efforts and elaborateness of the show were hallmarks of the school’s concert style. It took the Jubilee hall by storm.

Waiting for the show to begin 

Boys having fun

My little policeman 

The awesome finale   

Post-performance photo taking 

Loot of the day

After the concert – Z was so overwhelmed by the conclusion of the concert that he cried. He cried because he knew he would miss his friends and he would miss the times they spent rehearsing.

His Graduation Night would always be a night for nostalgia, a night for remembering his finest moments in preschool and a night where his friends and him were captured in their confident, animated ways. It was a night when the best of childhood memories were consolidated and presented in a beautiful musical.

I was glad that Z had loved his preschool days so much, that he had the best childhood memories made possible by his friends, teachers & school. 4 years of preschool had gone by and it was just the beginning of a new chapter.

I wished Z would grow up and continue to be confident and happy, just as he was on his K2 Graduation night.



Kids’ course @ Forest Adventure

I had been wanting to bring Z to Forest Adventure for some time. I had tried it as part of team retreat and found it great for confidence building. The last time we attempted to come by was at the beginning of the Jubilee weekend but there was such a heavy rain that we had to cancel. Z was supposed to go on the forest adventure with his classmates on 16 sept but the haze rendered it impossible for them to go.

We were given the Forest Adventure voucher to be used at our own convenience by 31 Dec 2015. We made plans with his best friend and were lucky that it was a haze-free and water-free day!

Putting on the gear
We brought our own bicycle gloves for him  

Z & school bestie

Up they go  

Leading the way  

Overcoming challenges 

He was most afraid of this    

He squealed and almost broke into tears. We did not go up with him and I was giving him advice from the ground. Generally, he did well. He also took my advice on not squealing and opted to sing. Mr H and I were super amused.

When he was done, I persuaded him to go for a second round which he gamely took on with an incentive thrown in. He breezed through the second time he was up in the trees. 

I had been very impressed with him on both rounds. While he was scared initially, he had no qualms about starting off first. He kept moving forward while I cheered him on. I reminded him that when he was up there, all he had to do was to believe he could do it and just do it. He actually finished the course in less than 30min.

During his second round, he was fearless, agile and fast. He easily took half the time.

I explained to him that it was a confidence building course. Confident was a quality inside each of us. When faced with new and unfamiliar experiences, we tended to feel scared and some of us might not even dare to try. However, we would only learn upon trying and then we would realize how doable the task was. I encouraged him to remember this course and should he ever feel scared in future, just remember the confident steps he had taken up in the trees.

Earn your Nikes

We would typically say “Earn your stripes”. In this case, Z had to earn his Nikes by showing his dad that he was able to tie shoelaces on his own.

For the longest time, he was happy to lament that it was difficult. He did not want to try. 

The crunch came when we visited United Square a few day ago. Mr H said he could not buy new shoes till he was able to tie shoelaces on his own.

Z spent 2 days practicing on his own accord and finally got the hang of it.   

P1 logistics’ prep weekend

We decided to pick up Z’s school uniform before the orientation. X and I cooked fried rice before Z came home from soccer. With the unpredictable hazy weather, we had not been able to send him for class weekly.

My little helper
After lunch, we went to buy the uniforms. It was $9 for shirt, $10 for a pair of shorts, $7 for PE Tshirt and $7 for a pair of PE shorts. We also had to order his name badge.

X waited patiently and pensively while Z tried his sizes

After the uniform buying trip, we took both boys to Ice Cream Chef at Thomson road.

Featuring Kenyan Roast, Honey Green tea, peach and chocolate Hershey’s

It was such a hot day but the boys insisted on going to the playground outside Ice Cream Chef.

We wrapped up the day with sending Z to his art class and shopping at City Square.

On the hazy Sunday, we played tennis and hanged out at Westgate.

Featuring my bolster coolies

Funny 3D art  

X had a penchant for hats

Z loved his soghurt

So did X…

We popped over to the Royal Sporting House opposite Soghurt and got Z new school shoes.

I believed the shoes would only be this white BEFORE he entered school.

Promotion in store

With more shopping at Isetan, we headed home for an evening nap. I never knew shopping could be so tiring. On hindsight, it was a good thing we did not sign up for Z’s swimming this term. The haze turned horrid that afternoon and hit 180.

We had dinner at a nearby mall and were pleasantly surprised with the $2 Zoo Moove rides. My kids loved this, so did I actually!

 We also chanced upon this Retro Party “mini carnival” at the mall.

We played Donkey/Old Maid with the kids, alongside with the free Muah Chee given at the event.


Confidence camp

It was a school tradition to hold this confidence camp for the graduating preschoolers.

It was a very cool initiative.

The kids looked forward to this. 

Z was counting down to the camp and he kept reminding us to allow him to sleep over in school. 

It was a “rite of passage” moment. 
How we got through his little milestones not too long ago, how we got to this stage simply blew me away.