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Z’s first Enid Blyton

This cost 2 for $9.90. 
I picked “The Six Red Wizards” while he picked “Mr Icy Cold”. He was pleased with the former because of the exposure to Harry Potter.

There were 7 parts to the books but the movies were split into 8 parts. He always referred to the movies as Harry Potter 7, Harry Potter 8.

When I burst into excitement on the continuation of the Harry Potter series through a play, Z asked, “Can we go London to watch Harry Potter 9?” I explained the plot of HP 9 took place 19 years after he left school.  

Z exclaimed that Harry Potter was so old then. 

Anyway, I digressed. 

Z chose the latter in anticipation of the winter holiday. 

I could not remember how my Enid Blyton books used to cost but I grew up with them. From the short stories where I read about the talking bears to The Wishing Chair and the Far, Faraway Tree. I wished my children would enjoy these stories as much as I do.

Reading a book

I had never been one to enforce reading on Z.

However, Z wanted to open his new toys very much. I explained that he should not spend all his time playing and he needed to balance play and learning. It would be lovely if he could learn to read because reading such a powerful tool.

With that, Z took out a book called “little red sports car” and learned to recognize the words for reading. It took us an hour to finish a book with 20 pages and many repeated words. He seemed to be distracted after a while and was nagged by me before he focused on learning.

It marked the first time he read a book out loud on his own.