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ECP again…!

With the midweek public holiday, we brought the kids to ECP to meet another group of friends.

My road warriors   
To be honest, the haze rendered Z’s rollerblading rather dusty. That explained why I was so fervent in revisiting the park. The long, continuous stretch was a good place to blade, though not necessarily for practice. The road conditions were uneven and extremely rough at some point.

The kids got to play in the field before they crashed out for nap. 

X looked really grown up here

Post nap, we had friends over.

Z considered them as X’s friends. 😂

The big brother and 3 messy toddlers


Blade, Games & Kite-Flying @ ECP

We went back to the park the following day so that we could rollerblade. Mr H packed a bicycle for X instead and he scooted alongside with him. 

We met our friends for brunch at one of our favorite hangouts. They received a kite from Aunt Clara. It was a windless morning so the kids played other activities first. 

Post lunch, we revisited the story of the kite. It was the second time (or 3rd) we brought both boys to fly kites. 

Trying to figure things out 

Flown successfully… Not  

That was us solving the problem together
Up high in the sky  

To be honest, the kids were too young to know when and how to tug the kite. I tried my best to explain that the kite felt scared sometimes, so we had to pull it to remind it that we were there to support. When the kite was ready to soar to greater heights, it would tug us and we could release more string.

My son and his friend told me, “The kite has no feeling, you know.” @_@

What mattered more was how the flying kite amazed and amused them. 

Z asked how did I learn to fly kites… My reply was – observing how other people flew kites during the days of Marina South!

We got the boys home to rest while we commenced partial spring cleaning. I came across this pair of slippers and was reminded fondly of the time we stayed in this hotel and Z was thrilled beyond words with seeing the Eurostar trains daily for breakfast.  

We wrapped the day up with dinner at our usual Kotobuki haunt where X tried to look spiffy in this getup.

The kids got to ride their favorite machine.
I really had to agree this was so much more reasonably priced than the original ZooMoov.

Cyclist and cycling

We thought ECP was the best place for a beginner cyclist to practise and off we went over 2 Sundays.

We rented a bicycle with baby chair for Mr H to ferry X and a bicycle for myself. We brought Z’s bicycle but found that he had to pedal very hard due to the tiny wheels. He was visibly tired after the first visit.

Hence, for the second visit, we rented a bigger bicycle for him. He was very hesitant and was only game after a lot of persuasion. I was really impressed with the folks at the bicycle rental kiosk for being so patient.

We should be looking to buy a new bicycle for him and pass on his current bicycle to X.