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Toy Ball

On the day we sneaked out to watch a movie without X, I felt so guilty. We were at Great World City and I chanced upon this toy ball which I thought was so awesome. It came in several sizes and the 5″ version was perfect for young children, even for Z’s age.

It was light, bounced very well (and high), had grip lines all over and was beautifully printed. Mr H thought I was crazy to want to buy another ball for the boys.

However, it was so easy to handle that you could dribble effortless like a basketball. The grip lines also made it easier to catch. Most interestingly, the ball was not very round, so it could bounce off in unexpected directions too.

I thought it was a good practise ball to train the boys up on their ball sense.

Hence, it was retailing at $18.90 at Mother Works. Check out the cute prints from here.

And it was a hit with X, he loved it so much that both boys played with each other for hours. Even I liked playing this ball with the boys!

Skate scooter for X

We had been training Z to get used to his 2-wheel skate scooter in an attempt to transit him to a 2-wheel bicycle.

X was heavily influenced and kept going towards Z’s skate scooters. Z had two but both were not suitable for a 18-month old. We had not purchased skate scooters for Z till the first arrived as a gift for Z’s 3rd year old birthday. This was because he had a very cautious dad.

With X, Mr H was willing to indulge in our adventurous spirits (after much persuasion) and we went down to ELC to pick this up. There were 4 colours and X zoomed in on the orange one. Only much later did we realize that Z’s scooter was orange too.

Z also did us proud by not acting up over X’s new toys. I explained that X did not have much new toys of his own and this was one of his own new toys. Z felt rather sorry for X at this juncture so I added on, “He might have less new toys compared to you, but he has so much of your love so it balances out.”


Silly moments

X was disturbing Z while we were snuggling on my bed to watch tv programs. He kept patting and hitting his brother when he leaned and hovered over Z’s head. He was looking down and smiling in glee over Z when he lost balance and hit Z head-on-head.

Both boys cried.

X – from the actual pain despite being the instigator.

Z – from the pain too and in the voice of an innocent victim.

X got over it pretty fast but Z was pretty sore about it, figuratively and literally speaking.

The toy snatcher


This morning, X was pushing the toy cars about on the mat. His favorite toys were whatever the brother was playing.

He had a penchant for the brother’s Disney planes too.

Whenever we left him unattended, instead of crying for company, he would make his way to the play area and start digging all the brother’s toys out.

Thankfully Z had been very generous with sharing. We never let Z forget that he had been blessed with so many toys that he should share with X.

Of course, we were very blessed to have Z being such an awesome brother to X too. I hoped this state of harmony could last.

X could clap & family play time

The in-house entertainer was performing a few songs and his biggest fan, X, actually clapped along.

Z also looked set to be a very patriotic child because he had been singing national day songs almost everyday for the past 3 months.

I managed to cook dinner in less than 20min and that freed up a lot of time to play with the children. I made Z move his body parts in accordance to my instructions and he amazed(and amused) me. He was lying on the floor mat and I asked him to raise his head and butt, which he could!! Subsequently, X also tried to imitate his brother by lifting his butt off the ground too.