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Hokkien for Z

Z asked,”Does X feel paiseh when he hold a girl’s hand?”

I did a double take and asked Z to repeat.

Z asked,”Paiseh means shy right?”

We laughed and agreed. We asked which other words he remembered. 

He said “Siam” was for “Excuse me.” I corrected his pronunciation and went,”第四声”. 

We laughed. He even applied Hanyu Pin Yin to dialect but he was not wrong.

It was so cute to see him use dialect. Anyway, we went to explain how “paiseh” had different meanings when used in different situations such as…

“Paiseh la, traffic jam.”
“Sorry to be late, there was a traffic jam.”

“Don’t paiseh me, ok?”
“Don’t embarrass me.”

“I feel paiseh about holding her hand.”
“I am shy about holding her hand.”

This reminded me of the time when Mr H used English to define and make sentences for all the different Hokkien phrases such as “Wah lau”, “Wah Biang”… 

Reading out loud

X showed an interest in learning to talk. 

He would mimick Z when he talked to us.

He would mimick me when I lectured Z.

He would echo Mr H when he read.

My little ball of infinite stubbornness was getting more and more vocal.

He might be slower to speech but his atheleticism was unparalleled.

Because we can never get tired of birthday cakes 

Everyone was so busy that we continued to enjoy birthday celebrations when it was very much belated.

We were such creatures of habit that we headed back to Gyu Kaku for a 3rd consecutive time over a span of 2 weeks. Some of the staff recognized us by then.  

We also patronized Jumbo 3 times within 6 days and the staff recognized Mr H when he bought takeaway crabs too.

It was a year with many cakes, many crabs and many slices of marbled beef. 😋

It also meant dieting season should be round the corner soon.

More On birthday celebrations

When it was Mr H’s actual birthday, we were both busy with work. It was a simple fanfare of going for lunch and dinner.

We were such fans of Gyu Kaku that we returned to the restaurant to celebrate. My boys loved the U.S. Tare beef and boy, did they chomp down all the barbecued meats.

We also picked up a lovely cake from Chef Yamashita.

As usual, X blew out the candles and insisted on cutting the cake.


C & C

I thought this was such a cute note because our family comprised of 2 Capricorns and 2 Cancers.

I might not believed the stereotype but it tickled me to know our boys were in the same frequency in “theory”.

The third weekend of June – Part 1 (Father’s Day)

The Father’s Day weekend started on Friday for the kids. Z’s school was closed and X’s school arranged a Father’s Day excursion to Urban Farm, Bukit Panjang.

Z followed me to work. He spent his morning making a Lego car, building a Sydney Opera House 3D puzzle, doing his assessment book and getting entertained by a few of my colleagues. This was an awesome perk of working for a pro-family employer. Kids were welcomed to office.

Here was Z at my workplace: 


I brought him up to see the much talked about ships

We had lunch nearby and I also bought him a cup of Ya Kun teh which pleased him.

Here was the boy waiting for Mr H to pick him up after half a day

Meanwhile, this was what X did at the excursion: 

Presented his card to Mr H


It was a potluck lunch party so I suggested to Mr H to buy 10 packets of bee hoon and it was a great idea.   

By evening, we were back to the usual routine of dropping Z off for class. We had to bring X home to eat dinner and wash up as he slept through dinner.

Meanwhile, Z’s blades had also arrived.

K2 SK8 Hero Pro, Size US1-5 at $189.65

We also got a set of guards for $28. It included wrist guards, elbow guards & knee guards. It was very cheap, compared to what we paid for Micro at $45 for a set of elbow & knee guards for X!!! The importance of market knowledge was prevalent.

Saturday was a buzz as usual. 

Soccer class for Z  

We attended a baby’s first month party. 


How nice it was to hold tiny babies and X looked so cute next to the newborn baby!  
We headed to Sentosa for another party.

Boys thrilled with their buggy ride to the Wavehouse

A cool beach club party     

Waiting for his Flow rider turn (and it was his 4th round!)  

Rather safe for the kids
He even received a certificate for participation    

End of party and another ride back (on another buggy)  

We headed off for a Father’s Day dinner at Vivo City’s Paradise Dynasty and actually caught the fireworks!  
Sunday was another flurry of activities. After replenishing the groceries, we prepped the boys to head to the park for skating lessons and scooting. We had to rush off for Father’s Day lunch at East Ocean. It was such a hot day that we had to detour home for a shower and change of clothes. Z went for his swim class before we headed down to Cafe Melba for our annual “surprise” Father’s Day party. It was so regular that it was really not much of a surprise and Mr H had been a tad disappointed when he thought this party was not happening! 

It was a chaotic party with 6 kids but that meant more fun, laughter and cheer.   



The weekend was so hectic that we were rather glad to have taken leave for the next day! 

Father’s Day in our context

In our family, Father’s Day meant as much to the kids as Mother’s Day. Mr H cut a very hands-on fatherly figure in both Z’s and X’s lives.

He was always there when they fell, because I didn’t believe in over coddling.

He was always there when they fell sick too, because I could not always get the time to take leave or worse, when I was straddling a part time MBA or when I had to travel for work.

He was always there to clean their mess, literally and figuratively.

He was always there to wipe their tears, their boogers, their dirty hands and of course, the poo-filled diapers.

He was always there to teach them how to play soccer, tennis and more. 

Sometimes he even stood in to cook porridge or simple meals. 

He could handle both kids without a sweat because he knew them as much as I knew them. 

He prioritized family time above all, as with how I prioritized the family above all too.

For that, he made an awesome father (and husband). 

Happy Father’s Day, Mr H! Thank you for loving all of us!