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X masters new life skills

At 2 years 10 months’ old, X was able to put on his socks and shoes independently.   

He requested for some adjustment

He was able to do Bambino by himself too  

A side note – he was a mega soba fan

He loves to take photos, even of the TV programs    

He was selective about being photographed but he loved to take photos of anything, everything, not unlike me. 

He enjoyed music and dance, more so than his brother ever did. 

He had many quirky ideas and was really hilarious when he got around to articulating them.

He was dramatic and getting quite theatrical at home. You could read his thoughts just by looking at his face. 

He was also shy when attention was on him or when he met new people.

X had been a fiercely independent boy who always wanted to do what Z could.

X’s cycling progress @ ECP

At 2 years, 10months and 1 week old, X cycled for a stretch of nearly 90 minutes at East Coast Park. We were impressed with his stamina and I was especially happy that he cycled properly.

We even got the boys to climb up a breakwater. I did not recall the sand was so low in the past. Once we got up the steep, sandy breakwater, Z asked how we were going to get down!

A family shot by a kind passer-by on the breakwater
The boys are their Oreos and listened to Nr H explain the purpose of the breakwater. What a lovely day, if only the haze always stayed away.

X in action  

X’s water acts

X dunked his face into the pool.

X jumped into the pool with his gear.

X tried to float on his backs

X did a starfish float on his front.

That was pretty good for his age because Z’s water confidence was nowhere near X’s at the same age. I joked to Mr H that if we could remove the arm floats by next quarter and if he could teach X to swim basic survival strokes (breast stroke arms with freestyle kicks), we could save some dollars by not sending him to Aquaducks.

A complete cycle

At 2 years 9 months’ old, X finally “agreed” to cycle properly. When he was younger and shorter, he was unable to complete a full revolution. 

He had been courageous enough to climb onto the bicycle when he was one year younger. Back then, he was shorter so he could not complete a full revolution on this bicycle. He was game to move through half-revolutions on the bicycle but it was a bad habit.

Finally, he kicked the habit and was able to pedal properly.

Yay for X! Hip, hip, hooray!


X’s water confidence 

At 2 years 8 months 11 days’ old, X’s water confidence took a tiny leap forward. These props belonged to Z but he never used it. He was uncomfortable with the getup and had been too scared to tackle the pool solo. We had sent Z to Aquaducks at 3.5 year old and the rest was history.

Meanwhile, I felt X was too young to attend the lesson. I suggested for Mr H to spend time to get X comfortable in the pool. X had been against using arm floats but Mr H somewhat convinced him to use.

X had been afraid to let go of Mr H and did not trust the buoyancy offered by his vest and arm floats. 

Before long, he began kicking on his own.
Swimming with his floats  

Distracted by Z on wheels    

Potty training (again)

A week to turning 2 years and 8 months old, X was fully potty trained in the day. He was off diapers in the day and naps at home. 

I was glad that we were getting somewhere and the school also decided to render us full support eventually.

It was really cute to hear him tell us about going to toilet.

This time round, with a second boy, I knew exactly how to bring him to toilet.

During Z’s time (being my first boy!!), I had painstakingly used wet wipes to clean the toilet seat cover while struggling to remove his shoes, shorts and underwear. I had been 6 months’ pregnant so it was no joke squatting with my huge tummy with a fidgety toddler in tiny toilet cubicles. I used to have nightmares about bringing Z to toilet! This round, I knew better. 

Full day diaper-free

  On teachers’ day, I took the day off and literally took X’s diaper off too. We took Z to see doctor for his eye and random ear pain, followed by lunch and a family movie date. 
Though we were out the entire day, I made a conscious effort to remove his diaper. He had on-off trials at home but we never really had a continuous run. 

He even had a nap during the movie and I was so afraid of accidents. In the end, when we were waiting for a parking lot at RWS, it happened.

X was mortified that he wetted his pants and the car seat. He told us he wanted his diapers. We had been initially frustrated but seeing his panic, we decided that we must sound encouraging.

He gained the confidence to wear a new underwear, instead of falling back on diapers.

We toured SEA Aquarium, had dinner where he even accomplished a poop job at a coffee shop, dropped Z off for class and visited a friend’s newborn. He did fine.

He clocked 8am – 10pm of diaper free hours and 1 accident at 32.5 months’ old. Hope we could continue the training with success.