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Sing-a-long Brothers

There was a song which Z sang on the way home from Legoland which X loved. During the chorus of continuous ‘ah’, X would echo along when he heard the cue “mouth open wide”.

Sometimes, X would even ‘sing’ and ‘ah ah ah ah’ by himself. When we heard that, we would ask Z to sing the song for X.

What a cute singing moment for the boys.

It went like this:

If all the raindrops
Were lemondrops and gumdrops
Oh, what a rain that would be!
Standing outside, with my mouth open wide
Ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah
If all the raindrops
Were lemondrops and gumdrops
Oh, what a rain that would be!

One for all and all for one

At the risk of sounding like a ‘kiasu’ mother, I discovered with a startling heart that we had many pre-school assessment books at home.  We were given many books when the company my dad worked for had to clear their inventories.  As such, in order not to waste the books, I had to allocate some time for Z to do.

We were lucky that Z did not kick up a fuss and accepted it as it was.

X would like to sit next to Z as Z did his work.  He would flip picture books as he waited for Z to finish up.  I would really call that team spirit!

This pair of brothers shared such a great relationship (at the moment) that it brought smiles to our faces all the time.

Earlier, Z was at X’s room to play and both boys were giggling so hard over peek-a-boo.


Looking out – Water Play


This was at Gardens By the Bay.

I was with the boys when Mr H was scouting for a parking lot. I changed X while Z changed himself. The water sprinklers were wild and I did not want to get wet. Hence, I ordered Z to look after X.

Initially, Z was caught up with the excitement and would run off without X. How could a 15.5 month old catch up with Z?

After a while, X cried and Z earned a scolding. I told Z if X was too scared to play, we would all go home. That sobered Z up so he was a patient and sweet korkor to X the entire time.

That was a great way to entrust responsibility.

The best thing which came out of the episode, X adored Z even more and could utter ‘teh teh’ in his attempt to address kor kor.

X feeds Z




X was happily on his chocolate brownie fish biscuits when he gestured to feed Z.

Then he really did.

X might not have the best tempers but he showed the deepest adoration for his elder brother.

Times like this always made me feel fuzzy and warm, and of course grateful for these two kids in our lives.



Sometimes, I thought we were so crazily blessed that both boys take to each other so well. I had heard horror stories of how some siblings seemed to have character clashes from the very start or how petty jealousies would lead to odd smacks.

Z was probably about the biggest hearted boy ever. Even before X came along, he was reputed (in school) to take care of new students, especially those who cried lots after getting dropped off.

When I was pregnant with X, we were careful to communicate the right message to Z.

That was why it was so important for Z to bunk over with me at the hospital. He treated it like a staycation and more often than not referred to Thomson Medical Centre as that ‘hotel’. It made all the additional dollars spent worthwhile because we had upgraded the room to near suite-level for the extra space and brought our own mattress along!

X absolutely adored his brother. He would follow what Z did and he knew his brother indulged in him so much that he bullied Z. X would playfully hit Z’s head all the time and we would tell X off. Z would tell us that it was not painful and that X was just trying to play with him. Awww…

Anyway, for being such a nice big brother, we allowed Z to open some of his new toys (from his birthday). I told Z that it was to reward him for being such a nice brother and he was to share the new toy with X.

The more they collaborated, cooperated and played together, the more new toys they could open together. Z was mightily pleased because he knew just how hard it was to get us to agree to opening new toys.

I want to stay with you

We were watching a documentary on Channel 8 on a Saturday night.  It was about youths who had graduated from school and what they wanted to do in their lives.  Some wanted to land on good jobs so that they could buy apartments.     Some wanted to pursue their interest in arts.  It was an interesting mix of youths from varied backgrounds and countries.

It stirred Z’s interest and made him think about what life would be like as an adult.  He was worried about how he was going to earn money and how he could possibly buy his own house too.  I feared I might have overloaded my child with too much information on property trends, returns on investment and COE.

He asked in a very serious tone, “Mummy, if I cannot find work in future, can I stay with you?”  It was a very cute moment because he was very serious!  I asked him what his future wife would think because she might not want to stay with us.  Z replied firmly that his future wife would either stay with us or go back to her parents’ house but he would definitely stay with us.

He also informed us that X would stay with us too.  At this juncture, X blabbered and pointed at Z.  I joked that X did not want to stay with us.

Z went, “X, if you don’t want to stay together next time, you will not be able to play with me har!”

I loved how this precious child of ours was so into family and togetherness.

We were really blessed to have such a loving and sensible child, despite stepping on my toes 3 times a day.

The Walker-in-training

X had taken a strong interest in the hand-me-down mothercare walker.

It was made of wood and very sturdy to push along, as compared to the plastic walkers which tended to be too light or too smooth to provide friction against the floor.  We had 1 wooden walker and 4-5 plastic walkers, all were kind gifts from friends during Z’s time.

Last week, X emptied the wooden blocks from the wooden walker and climbed onto it.  Very naturally, Z pushed the walker so that X could enjoy a ride on it.  Z pushed the walker up and down the house, much to X’s delight.  All these were done while I was bathing and Mr H was cooking dinner.

It amused me to no end how the boys could get into an act like this together.

When I asked Z to stop, X actually got pretty upset with Z for stopping!  He wailed and gestured at Z.  When Z resumed, X was at all smiles again.  When Z was too slow, X would complain a little.  When Z went too fast, X would stoop a little and cheered in excitement.

I thought we were really blessed that both kids enjoyed each other’s company and had so much fun together.  May their brotherly love would remain steadfast and last till the end of times.