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The backer

What happened if you get into trouble with both parents?

Get your brother to bail you out.

Z had emerged as X’s backer in recent weeks. X had been throwing his tantrums fast and furiously for a week. Both Mr H and I had decided independently not to let him get away with his unreasonable behavior.

There was one night when he had misbehaved so out of line that both of us were waiting to discipline him respectively. X kept crying on the floor but was alert to our movements. He was lying on the floor and screaming by himself when he shouted “kor kor” frantically. Z rushed to his side and helped him up. Z walked him to the sofa and soothed his tears. 

Mr H and I … Simply jaw dropped.

I knew Z was a good brother but to see how he was so gentle to his little brother, how sensitive and how sweet, I felt very touched by his gesture. You could hardly tell that X was the same younger brother who bit Z or used a toy gun to hit Z. Despite all that X had done, Z was still super loving towards him.

Z would make a very good brother, boyfriend and husband if he kept this up.

The Prince Charming in training and likely to melt many hearts   

More on the brothers


I received this gorgeous photo from Studio Memories. It was taken on the day of the fashion shoot. Of course, both boys were decked out in Paley & Love.

What I loved about the photo was the crisp and fresh vibrance. X was looking so well into the camera. He had been almost 17 months’ old.

Brotherly Playmates


Such a sweet moment that I wanted to log it down.

Z pulled the plane and X followed up with pulling the other toys. Both boys walked up and down till they got tired. On hind sight, it was a good thing that we had so many toys.

A good run

Z’s school was closed for Youth Day.

It coincided with the day X had to return to his PD for a review and consent to return to school after his hfmd episode.

I took leave to look after both kids.  The kids seemed to be in a rather cooperative mood and we had an exceptional run for the day.

Both kids had a breakfast of Kokokrunch in fresh milk.  They trotted off for their separate baths, adjourned for play in X’s room and had a round of reading/drawing in Z’s room.  They proceeded to have their lunch in a cordial and mess-free manner at the children’s table in Z’s room.  X impressed me by self-feeding rather accurately.  I believed he had been trained to feed in school but he did remarkably well!  We actually completed all of the above in 2 hours.

We popped down to United Square for PD’s review.  When we were back, both boys had their afternoon naps respectively and woke up to more play and cartoons.  We had a really good run today and it almost tempted me to want to be a stay home mom… not!  It was either the novelty or I had really well behaved kids on my hand.

In any case, staying at home with both of them for a day was fun.  I witnessed how they interacted and played with each other.  X had several futile attempts in making Z wake up from his nap to play with him.  That alone was enough to land me in guffaws.

X was really good in gesturing and communicating his requests to Z, when Z was awake of course.

When Z eventually did wake up, the boys played and played till they went down to the pool for another splashy fun time.  After dinner, they continued to play and I did wonder for very long – how they mustered the energy to play for the entire day?

The sweetest pair


I was talking to Mr H and when I turned around, this was what I saw. I was shocked that X was on the stool. He was seated very comfortably and hitting away at the keyboard.

My first question was – how did he get up there?

Apparently, Z had lifted him up and placed him on the stool.

It was truly amazing that Z had managed to do so and more so sweeter that he was such an awesome brother.

X was delighted and little wonder why he adored his brother so much.