A new dessert place

We finally tried audacious bakery.


It had done a really good PR job and I was very keen to check out Everton Park.

Well, there was another matcha cupcake not featured as we ordered later. Their cakes were alright but the chocolate tart was disappointing.

X had the opportunity of trying the strawberry shortcake and the matcha cupcake. Their cupcakes were surprisingly good.

We had no idea if the macaron was good because Z finished it by himself and even asked us if he could reorder.


I supposed the macarons were good but my loyalty lied with Joys Baking & Co’s divine macarons.

2 responses to “A new dessert place

  1. Everton Park seems so vibrant these days with all the hip bakeries et al.

    My grandpa and uncles used to live there, but after he passed on, they sold the places and shifted elsewhere. We only visit EP when hubby needs to place order his chop ( for work ) πŸ˜›

    Looks like I need to revisit and explore this place soon *drool at the pix*

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