The tale of a Floral shirt

When we were informed of the need for a floral shirt for a mini performance in school, my mind went blank. I googled for it and could hardly find anything suitable in design or price point.

I thought we had to make a trip down to H&M and Cotton On to check our options.

We happened to be at Bugis Village and chances upon these.

They came with matching bottoms and were a steal at $6 per set or $10 for 2 sets. That was how we ended up getting something for X too.

It amazed me that we could still find such cheap items in Singapore. Well, whoever said Singapore was an expensive place to shop simply did not know where to shop.

I was also amazed by the transformation of Bugis Village. I had not set foot in the place for years. To think that we would always check out the markets in other countries but not so in our own backyard.

There were so many places to visit in Singapore and so many activities that it made me wonder why people complained about being bored by this little island. I wished I had more weekends!

2 responses to “The tale of a Floral shirt

  1. I have to admit with a kid, I found SG less boring. perhaps cos we take more effort to explore our own backyard. 😀

    • Singapore’s a lot of fun, I find my weekends soooo busy. It’s really a matter of choice for most people. You could visit the same old place, sleep the day away or explore new places. 👍🏻

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