Thank you, Mr H

For being the best husband, best dad ever.

One of the key reasons why we could function successfully as a DITK-NH model was because Mr H pitched in and at tough times like this, he contributed a lot more to the family.

Having a child down with HFMD meant that someone would have to stay home with the child.  I believed not many fathers out there could look after a sick child on their own.  Mr H was not unfamiliar with bathing, feeding and cajoling his sons.  He was such a hands-on dad that he would not even quiver at the thought of solo-parenting with 2 sons.  Yes, he had done that before; several times actually.

The fact that I was sick, down and out meant that he had to step up as the primary caregiver so that I could rest.  I had always thought Mr H was a great dad, but this HFMD incident made me realize he was an Award Winning Dad (& husband).  I was very grateful for what he had done for us and how much he loved all of us.

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